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Still do not know the meaning of your name? Do you want to know where it comes from and what is its origin? Or may you need a name for your son?

Regardless of your reason for figuring out the meaning of a name, you're on the best page to find it. On we offer you the official dictionary of names with their meaning and origin.

On that website you will find many names and the meaning of them. You will also be able to know the origins, history, saints, as well as many other details. We also present you a list of famous people who have that name.

What is the meaning of your name?

meaning of my name

We have a extensive catalog with hundreds of names for every taste. There are many names in Spanish but we also offer names in other languages ​​such as English, French, German, Basque or Catalan, to give a few examples.

Whether you are looking for a modern name or a more traditional one, if you want a short name - which was very fashionable a few years ago - or you prefer a longer name, on this website you can find what you are looking for.

We also have themed names for pets and animals such as names for dogs or names for cats. It may seem simple but choosing the name of your pet also has its complications since many owners want to choose the name of their companion based on their size, the color of their skin or their character.

Below you can find a complete list of names ordered from AZ, to make it easier for you to use the web and quickly find the name you are looking for. If you want to find all the information about the meaning of the name you are looking for, you just have to choose the desired letter and click on it.

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What to expect from the Name Meaning website?

On this page we are not only going to offer you the meaning of your name. We are a reference website on the net, capable of giving you more information than just a simple meaning.

What will you find in Meaning of Names?

  • From. What is the story associated with your name? What is the etymology? Do you know the roots of the language it comes from? If you want to know more about your name, it will be mandatory to start studying about its origin in history.
  • Personality. Would you like to know what type of character you should have according to your name? Does romanticism predominate in you? Should you have an affinity for people based on your name? Will you be lucky in love love? On this website you can have more information about your destination.
  • Santoral. Do you know when it is your saint, or that of a friend or a special person? Here you can have it clearer and know the exact date of your saint.
  • Famous with the same name. What famous people are named after you? Would you like to name your next child after your idol? There are very popular names that you can base yourself on… also using the name of famous people is something that is always very fashionable.
  • Diminutives (hypocoristic): They are those names that are used as a symbol of proximity, even the closest people usually use it more than the name itself. Here you can find the most prominent and the most common in Spanish.
  • Curiosities. The proper names not only keep a complete history behind them, but also all kinds of enigmas that will make us gasp. Some have been part of ancestral rituals since the beginning of time, they are associated with gods, landscapes, cities and have even been the inspiration to shape the great works of humanity. On this website, you will also be able to find out this information thanks to
  • Is your name translated into other languages? Do you know if it has an English variant? How would you write in Italian, French ... or even in Russian? Have you thought that you might like the name better in another language? We make it easy for you so you can find out.
  • Is your name compatible with your partner's?. There are names that are related to others, while others are completely the opposite. We should be very aware of whether a person is more or less compatible to fall in love, to enter into a relationship or to know if he is actually faithful. It may be that one person is more or less dependent, while another has more facility to be unfaithful, and this can be known by name.
  • Numerology. Names are also associated with numbers, and these numbers are related to fortune and luck. You should not forget these details.
  • Here are a couple of examples of what we are telling you: Meaning of Pedro y Meaning of Sofia.

Find the meaning of baby, boy and girl names, completely FREE

Names for babies, boys and girls

As we have already commented, it is possible that you are looking for the meaning of a name to know if it is the most suitable for our future child. We will be very interested in obtaining as much information as possible to know if it is the right one.

We may like a name a lot, but we don't know its origin, its roots, and that this information can make you change your mind. By having the information "on the table", it will be easier to make the decision.

Find the perfect name it's easier thanks to the following lists:

  • Baby names. Here you can find baby names, the most popular in our country and countries abroad, those that have become a trend, the rarest that will catch our attention from the first moment, modern, original, composed….
  • Original and beautiful children's names. If you already know that your child is going to be a boy, then you can click here and discover original names. You will find a selection of unusual options, with their meaning. We also have biblical names for boys y famous names for kids.
  • Pretty girl names. And if you already know that it is going to be a girl, here you can find ideas that will allow you to make your decision. You can find more or less modern names, with a special meaning, rare, biblical, with its meaning, etc.
  • Names in other languages. If you can't find an interesting name in Spanish, maybe we can go for one in another language. Choosing a name in another language is more complicated than it seems, since we may not know the exact meaning, or the translation into another language. Here you can find a good list of English names and surnames, riding a Catalan, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew and in many other languages. By clicking on the corresponding category, all of them will begin to be displayed.
  • Pet names. It is also very important to know how to choose the name of a pet, more than anything because it is the one that you will use throughout its life. This section will help you find Names for dogs, rabbits, cats, or any other animal you have. You will be able to get many ideas that will allow you to obtain an ideal name according to the characteristics of your little companion. We also have the feminine equivalents to find the best names for bitches y names for cats.

What is the origin of the names?

The truth is that no new name is invented. We can say that the vast majority of names were invented many, many years ago. What we find today is a variation of those names, although there are some that come to us in their entirety.

You may think that the meaning of a name is not important, but it really is. A good example is the name of  Silvia, this one who says "Extraordinary Woman" and has its roots in Latin.

Greek, Latin and English, the origin of names

Most of the current names have Greek, Latin or Anglo-Saxon roots. At first you may not give it importance, but in reality it does, and a lot. For example, among all the range of meaning of the names Elena is one of the most interesting, because it means "Extraordinary", a term that comes from Latin.

Another good example to understand the importance of the meaning of names is found in the meaning of Andrés This has roots in the Greek and means "daring, honorable."

As a last example, the Ricardo's name, it means "majestic King", and its roots are Germanic.

If you wanted to investigate the meaning of the names On your own, you would have no choice but to turn to the Koran or the Bible, and see how they have drifted with the passage of time. Now, there are also more current names that do not appear in such ancient records. For example, the name of Iker originally from the Basque Country.

If you want to know the etymology and the origin of the names, it is necessary to go back to holographers such as the Koran or the Holy Bible. However, there are names that are more modern, since they were used for the first time not long ago, as with Iker, which began to be used in the Basque Country.

Why am I interested in knowing the meaning of the names?

Is it really so interesting to know the meaning of a name? The truth is that most people think that no, that a name is just that.

Now, it is much more important than it seems, and there are many reasons that show it. Here we study some of the most important ones.

Maybe you have wondered what is the use of really knowing the meaning of names… Then you're in luck since most people don't usually think about it in their entire lives.

You have fallen into the claws of love

The main reason why the one that is usually sought meaning of a name It is because a new person has entered our life and we like it. Through this meaning we will want to know more about him / her. We will be able to know how your personality is and if we are compatible or not.

Thanks to the origin and meaning of the names we can discover how to fall madly in love to that person that we like so much. We will know if the strategy we have in mind is going to work, or if we should look for a better one.

In love anything goes, and knowing more about a person's personality, thanks to the meaning of the name, can help much more than we think. You can also tell us what your character is like or how it has been in the past.

Imagine that you want to seduce a man and the meaning of his name denotes power, attraction and seduction. It is likely that, paying attention to these characteristics, it is he who seduces you. However, there are also certain names that, according to their meaning, may indicate that the difficulty of conquest is high.

In any case, knowing the meaning of a name helps you to know its compatibility.

Don't you know what you are going to call your son?

Searching for the meaning of a name can help us find the perfect name for our future son o daughter, to have a list of ideas on which we can make our decision.

We are talking about a crucial decision, and it is that the baby will bear that name foreverIt will define your personality and even the way the world is going to see you.

Not only should we be guided by "how it sounds", but we should also study the origin, history, etymology, roots, as well as any other related details. You should also analyze which characters in the story were named the same way.

Will he be courageous, honest, with iron values, shy, affectionate, introverted, outgoing, sociable? A good proper name can make a difference.

A very common option is to opt for a bible name. In this sense, take a look at the character in the Bible that gave life to that name, as well as the meaning of it.

Throughout this website you will find many more tips that will help you make the decision.

Knowing the meaning of your name you will be able to know yourself much better

Knowing what your name means will help you take a journey of self-discovery to know more about yourself, to know your strengths, your weaknesses, as well as any other trait of your personality.

It is impressive how people are speechless when they know the meaning of his name, and it is that they really see his personality.

If you are aware of who you are, you can accept yourself that way.

Finally, Another reason why you are interested in the meaning of names is that you would like to know yourself better. Learning the meaning will enrich you inside, we should all look for it at least once in our life.

If you tend to bend over backwards to achieve your goals, you may feel different compared to others, as no one puts in as much effort as you. It may be that, according to your name, you are persevering, and that you have qualities that no one else has

As you have verified, if who know meaning of the names, you will not find any better place than this website You can have all this data for free.

If there is a name that we do not have on our website, we recommend that you indicate it through the contact section of the page.