Meaning of Alba

Meaning of Alba

Alba's name is simple, special, short but very pretty, and she is associated with independent people. Alba's personality is related to progress, to the future of humanity. If you want to know more about the same name, here we study in detail the meaning of Alba.

What is the meaning of Alba's name?

El Alba's name is related to the "Dawn"; that is, with that time of day. It alludes to the renewal of strength, the desire to start new projects and persevere even when the road is full of obstacles.

As to Alba's personality she's outgoing for the most part. He has no social problems integrating with the world, he has friends to trust when necessary.

Although it is easy for you to smile, you may have trouble smiling when you are pressured by personal problems. And it is precisely this smile that makes everyone around you feel comfortable by your side. However, this smile will be slightly blurred if someone needs your help; your mind will go into full swing to tell you what to do.

Meaning of Alba

Alba is independent, and she needs space to order her mind.

In the Laboral scene, Alba tends to get along well with scientific work. He likes researching and trying to find breakthroughs that completely change society. He also loves to know new places and new cultures. Take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way to improve your personal and professional skills. You have no problem adjusting to the work team assigned to you.

In love relationships, again the trait of independence is the one that comes to flourish the most in Alba. She will look for a person who complements her, who understands her, who can be her support in the ups and downs of her emotional state, but at the same time not suffocate her, respecting her autonomy. If you find someone like that, you will be able to give your all in the relationship. When educating his children he will focus on the values ​​of the type open mind (keeping an open mind).

Origin / etymology of the name Alba

Alba's name has Latin roots

Specifically, its etymology leads us directly to the word albus, q (Which translates as "dawn" or "dawn")

The saints are the August 15.

As for the existence of diminutives, it is usually used in affectionate terms those of "Albita" or "Albi".

There is no variation of Alba's name for the male gender

Alba's name in other languages

  • English and german: We can find this name written as Dawn, although it is also such which, as Alba ..
  • In French: We find it in the form of Dawn.
  • In Spanish and Valencian: It is written the same way, Alba.

Famous people called Alba

Taking a look at the artists with this man, we find many, such as the following:

  • Alba Tight she is an eminent singer
  • Alba Molina is another singer of great fame
  • Dawn Flowers, actress and daughter of Antonio Flowers.
  • Alba Carrillo, model.
  • Alba Count, designer who has her own brand name.

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