Meaning of Álvaro

Meaning of Álvaro

Alvaro's name corresponds to a man who is characterized by having a humble and competitive personality. He is very ambitious, he will not stop until he achieves his goals. He loves to brag that he is capable of achieving what he sets out to do to convince others that they are capable too. Read on if you don't want to miss a single detail of the meaning of Álvaro, its origin, etymology, variants and names of celebrities who share this name.

What does the name Álvaro mean

Álvaro means "far-sighted man". It has the exact same meaning as the female name Jessica. A quality that can save you many times.

La Álvaro's personality It is focused on two parts. On the one hand, you have a commitment to all of your goals. If you have a goal, you will work hard until you reach it and finally be able to celebrate the triumph with your loved ones. On the other hand, she has an ego with which she will boast before everyone, although humility will never leave her apart.

What he likes Álvaro is the money. That is why there is always room for work in his mind. He likes the internet a lot and that is why he always tends to start a business from his own home. He is a very competitive man, and one of his goals will always be to beat other brands to feel superior. They tend to like aeronautics and the automotive industry.

Meaning of Álvaro

In love, to Álvaro It is always difficult for him to have a well-established relationship because he distrusts. His work will always be above his relationship, although when he has fallen in love everything takes a turn and constantly turns on his partner.

In the family, Álvaro He is always very precocious when it comes to being independent, since he will always do well in the workplace. He wants to have two children, a girl and a boy, and he will want to educate them with the values ​​that he shares.

Origin / etymology of Álvaro

The origin of this masculine proper name is unclear.. It is said that there are many hypotheses about this name and none of them is entirely clear. It is usually said to come from the Germanic origin, from the word all wars. It became popular in the Middle Ages and today it is in the top 20 of the most used names.

Álvaro's saint is February 19. Its diminutive can be Alvarito and no feminine name is found.


How do you write Álvaro in other languages?

  • In English it can be written in 3 ways: Oberon, Avery or Auberon.
  • In German you have it as aberich and Alvar.
  • In Italian it is the same as in Spanish, Alvaro.
  • In French you can find it as Aubry.

What known people are there with the name Álvaro?

  • Alvaro Negredo, footballer in Spain.
  • Alvaro Reyes, executive coach.
  • The well-known singer Alvaro Henriquez.
  • Journalist Álvaro Morales.

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