Veronica meaning

Veronica meaning

An urban legend may be the reason for the popularity of a certain name. This is the case of Verónica, a woman who… well, cannot be explained in a few words. The fact is that today he is one of the most chosen by Spanish-speaking mothers. Why? In this article we will tell you all about the origin and meaning of Veronica.

What does the name Veronica mean

Veronica means "victorious woman". It refers to personal and professional success, and is exactly the same meaning as that of the name Victoria, which you can read here.

La veronica's personality is close to others. She is a woman who reaches out to everyone who needs it. He loves helping the underprivileged and is very sociable, which is why he will make many friends in his life.

Veronica meaning

At work, Verónica is a very simple woman who is comfortable at home, so she will look for a job that does not require mobility. Since she loves cooking, beauty and crafts, you will likely see her creating a blog on these topics. In addition, she seeks financial independence, to be her own boss and to carry out her work professionally from home.

In your love life, Veronica will meet many men on her vida, being such a sociable woman. However, not all of them will fit her character, and she does not commit definitively until she is sure that she must take the step to settle down.

With the family, his victorious name promotes his ability to be the head of the family, who educates his children and is the main source of income in the home. You'll learn a lot about blogging and build relationships with industry peers who will make you known and become famous. In addition, she directs the household chores with the help of her children and her husband, who probably his name is Carlos.

Origin or etymology of Verónica

This feminine given name originates from the GreekSpecifically comes from the word Berenice, which in turn comes from Ferenike, a dialect of Macedonian. Its meaning is "victorious woman", as commented at the beginning of the article. It achieved diffusion in the Middle Ages.

Another point that has made the name famous is the famous woman found in the mirrors at midnight. A woman who if you mention her through a strange ritual, can introduce herself and perform unexpected actions. This has remained a mere urban legend.

The saints take place in July, on the 9th. The best known diminutive is Vero. There are no male forms.

How do you spell Veronica in other languages?

Because it appeared in stages prior to the Roman Empire, multiple spelling variations have been formed in other languages, which have given rise to the ones we know today.

  • In French you will meet Veronique.
  • In English it is written Veronica, just like in Italian.
  • In German it is written Veronika.

What known people are there with the name Veronica?

There are also famous women who became popular by calling themselves that.

  • The renowned actress who won four Goya awards, Veronica Forqué.
  • The writer Veronica roth, who wrote the Divergent saga.
  • TV series Veronica Mars.

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