Meaning of Carlos

Meaning of Carlos

Carlos is a name that refers to a very important person, and royalty has been using it for centuries. For this reason, there are many parents who want to name their child with this name, so that they transmit the same success. In this text you will discover everything about the meaning of Carlos.

What is the meaning of Carlos's name?

How you can read next, depending on the origin it has, the meaning can vary a lot. The most common is that it is related to the wisdom or with freedom, although we can also find a relationship with good sense and punctuality.

What is the origin and etymology of Carlos?

Some experts assure that it has a Greek origin, although the most accurate explanation is that the origin of the name Carlos It is Germanic. Its etymology can be translated as "The man who is free", since on the one hand it comes from Karl, which means free man. The experts who have concluded that it has Greek roots, give it another meaning, which can vary towards "The wise man", or expert.

 Carlos in other languages

Since he is a man who has been with us for centuries, there are many variations:

  • In English, we will find Charlie's name, in addition to his variant Charles.
  • In French we will see it written as Charles.
  • In Italian, the most common way to write it is Carlo.
  • In Germany, the most common is that you find him as Karl.

It also has some important diminutives like Carlito, Carlitos, or Carlete.

Famous people by the name of Carlos

  • Charlemagne, The well-known King of the Franks in the first millennium of the New Age.
  • Charles Chaplin, a comedian that surely sounds familiar to you. As a curiosity, he entered a contest to imitate himself and was second.
  • Carlo Ancelotti, is the coach of Real Madrid.
  • Carlos an imminent mathematician.

How is Carlos?

Carlos, despite his recognized success, shows great affection for all those close to him. He likes to socialize and socialize a lot, hence he could dedicate himself to arts as varied as politics or mathematics. In addition, he cares a lot about achieving his goals.

He would like to contribute something to society, change the world, while making his circle of acquaintances happier. The only problem is that it is not always easy to understand, which causes a certain frustration.

In the Laboral scene, Carlos You will stand out for your generous personality, always giving 100% of your effort. There have been many Kings with this name and the vast majority have done very good things for their people. Its reason for being is not to serve other people, but to help from power.

It adapts perfectly to the new established norms: it has a high creativity that allows it to integrate itself to any change that may manifest itself. Although he prefers to work alone, he has no problem working as a team. Avoid arguments, unless they have a constructive purpose. Finally, it always manages to move forward.

At the family level, Carlos's personality makes him, perhaps, forget his family a bitHowever, he is a manual father who knows very well how to educate his children. Also, he always gets along well with his wife.

In this article we have covered all the details related to the  meaning of the name Carlos. But you may want more. below, you can also find out more about  names that begin with the letter C.

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