Meaning of Paula

Meaning of Paula

Surely you know someone in your life who has the name of Paula, and we are talking about a name that has a long history behind it, with an interesting meaning that we analyze below.

What is the meaning of Paula's name?

Some people think that this name is related to the negative, which translates as "Weakness or small woman" But this is a false myth that has spread.

It is true that the personality is very similar to that of Patricia He has a very friendly character and a very good and sincere personality. This woman has her own way of being and behaving because of her kind character and her good and sincere personality.

In the workplace, the so-called Paula are happy in their field, since science, mathematics or any field that needs extraordinary intelligence will be the one that most catches their attention, on the other hand, they like to take care of their mind and body, so diets and nutrition are one of its strengths.

If you are lucky enough to have Paula in your love life you are in luck, they are great lovers and very conservative of the relationship, so having a Paula in your life is synonymous with having a stable, faithful and lasting relationship.

Despite Paula's friendships they must take care of the relationship for twoSince she tends to be not very detailed and often forgets to have small details that keep the friendship afloat, when Paula falls in love is when she neglects friendships the most, but be careful, if they stand up to her, it is when she gets closer to them.

In the family environment it can be said that Paula is the ideal wife, lover and mother, as your closest link maintains and protects you in amazing ways.

Where does the name Paula come from?

From the Latin language and widely used in the Roman Empire, this name gains strength thanks to its beauty and simplicity. It was incredibly famous and one of the favorites of parents when it came to naming their female descendants.

We can find a male variant, perhaps, not as famous as his own name, this would be Pablo and its diminutives like Paulita, Pauli, Pau.

How will we find Paula's name in other languages?

Paula is a name that has lasted throughout history without varying too much its pronunciation nor its writing.

  • Its pronunciation and French writing would be Paulette.
  • In Russia they are lucky to have  pauvla.
  • In English and German we will find the name exactly the same as in Spanish.
  • Its Italian variant may be the one that changes the most since the name sounds like Paola.

What famous people can we meet with the name of Paula?

  • Paula Radcliffe athlete and elite sportsman.
  • Paula Vazquez beautiful and charming television presenter.
  • If we want to have a prestigious actress we have Paula molina
  • Paula jones She is pretty, funny and she is not real, since she is a character from a video game.

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Santa Paula

What day is Santa Paula celebrated?

The Saint of Paula is on January 26. Since it is the day of Saint Paula of Rome, who was one of the disciples of Saint Jerome, one of the church fathers. For this reason, this Roman saint was attributed the name of co-patron of an order of the Catholic religion such as the order of San Jerónimo. But it is true that, as with other names, there are also other dates to highlight. Since on February 25 Santa Paula Montal is celebrated, while on August 10 it is destined to Santa Paula de Cartago, it never hurts to know.

His early life and marriage

The truth is that the writers collect that Santa Paula came from an upper class family. Since she wore very expensive fabrics, back then. Without a doubt, she was heir to one of the senate families of ancient Rome. With only 15 years of age, he married by Toxocio. From this marriage four daughters and one son were born. As with her, her first daughters did not take long to marry.

But it is true that his destiny was not marked by happiness and not even by life. Since two of them died quite young, only two years apart. Paula's life was not easy at all in the family field since she herself, at the age of 32, she was left a widow. So he continued taking care of his family, but little by little, he was getting a little closer to religion. His son married Leta, who was the daughter of a priest, and they had Paula the Younger.

Her life marked by religion: The first nun

As we have mentioned, everything arose from Paula becoming a widow. Because of this and with the help of Marcela from Rome, he met Jerónimo. Slowly joins a group of women who have tasks similar to nuns. She donated everything she had before continuing on her way. That relationship with Jerónimo was good for both of them and not only on a religious level but also in friendship and learning. Moreover, it is said that there was a love relationship between Paula and Jerónimo, although at the time it was said that all this were the opinions of the enemies of both.

life and celebration day of Santa Paula

But everyone recounted an episode that Jerome had and that led to these slanders becoming reality. One day, at dawn, Jerónimo got up in such a hurry and drowsy that he put on his women's clothes. A clothing that was next to his bed and that gave good proof that he was not alone at night either. Hence the rumors intensified more and more. Although many others continued to argue that they were all slander. Paula found her place by being one of the first nuns, since managed to establish a monastery in Bethlehem, after a long pilgrimage. Paula died when she was 56 years old. He was buried in the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

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