Biblical girl names

Biblical girl names

Are you a follower of the Christian religion? If you feel identified with the Bible and its values, in this article we share with you almost 130 biblical girl names pretty. We hope you like them!

Below we have prepared all kinds of girl names that appear in the bible. Several of them are cited in the New Testament, while others appear in the old. You will also appreciate that some are quite common, but there are also rare biblical girl names.

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Pretty Biblical Girl Names

modern names for girls
  • Salomé. This feminine name refers to the daughter of Herod and princess of Edom. He confronted John the Baptist for not allowing his mother to remarry.
  • Delilah she was the traitor of Samson. He took advantage of his love for her to discover his weakness and later defeat him. Its roots are Hebrew and it means "woman who wavers."
  • Ester. According to the Old Testament of the Bible, she was a prophet who was crowned Queen of Media after marrying Xerxes I. Its meaning is "bright star."
  • Diana she was the goddess of fertility. This modern name of Hebrew origin means "divine woman."
  • María. One of the most important biblical characters that exist, since she became pregnant with God and was the mother of Jesus Christ. Its roots are Hebrew and it means "beautiful."
  • Bathsheba. It appears in the Old Testament as one of the women who married King David, to whom he was unfaithful. This word hides its etymology in the Hebrew language (בת שבע) and means "seventh daughter."
  • Abigail. A beautiful lady who strengthened ties with King David and prevented him from committing calamities. The term Abigail means "My father is happy."
  • Dara. Its origin resides in the Hebrew language and means "woman full of wisdom." It is worth mentioning that the masculine form of this name shows one of the most intelligent men that appeared in the Bible: Darda.
  • Isabel She was the mother of John the Baptist, and stood out for her resounding fidelity to each and every one of God's commandments. The name is of Hebrew origin and its meaning is "promise of the Lord."
  • Sara. She lived 962 years, was the wife of Abraham and had a son with him, Isaac. The meaning of this name is "princess", and therefore the richest classes gave it to their daughters. It is also spelled Saray.
  • Eva. He was born from a rib of Adam, with whom he had two sons. She was the first sinner in the history of the Bible. However, it means "she who loves life."
  • Mileage. Currently it is used as a proper name, but in biblical texts it is referred to as a place in the desert where the Israelites stayed throughout their pilgrimage. It means "meeting place of the kings."

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Biblical names for girls and their meaning

  • Ada (beauty)
  • Adela (woman of aristocratic roots)
  • Adelaida (of illustrious bearing)
  • Agnes (innocent)
  • Águeda (pious woman)
  • Joy (happiness)
  • Amparo (protection)
  • Ana (pretty and generous)
  • Angelica (as an angel)
  • Ariel (the one who is in the house of the Lord)
  • Athalia (noblewoman)
  • Azael or Hazael (created by God)
  • Bethlehem (home of bread)
  • Berenice (triumphant)
  • Bethany (humble house)
  • Carolina (strong warrior)
  • Catalina (pure woman)
  • Celeste (consecrated in heaven)
  • Chloe (flower)
  • Clear (bright)
  • Damaris (The one who smiles)
  • Daniela (justice of the Lord)
  • Edna (Eden)
  • Elisa (Whom the Lord supports)
  • Elizabeth (He helps her)
  • Fabiola (the one with a field of beans)
  • Genesis (beginning of all)
  • Genoveva (white)
  • Grace (nice)
  • Guadalupe (river of affection)
  • Helena (ideal for those who want a biblical name that means Gift of God)
  • Inma (from Immaculate, means "she who has not sinned")
  • Judit (praised)
  • Read (honesty)
  • Lía (honesty)
  • Lydia (born in Lidia)
  • Magdalena (native of Magdala)
  • Mara (strength)
  • Marina (from the sea)
  • Martina (born on Mars)
  • Micaela (God is impartial)
  • Miriam (loved by God)
  • Naara (girl)
  • Nazareth
  • Naomi (tenderness)
  • Odelia (the one who worships God)
  • Olga (the one who will never be defeated)
  • Ophra (gold)
  • Paula (small)
  • Rachel (lamb of God)
  • Rosa (as beautiful as a rosebush)
  • Ruth (companion)
  • Samara (God help you)
  • Samira (gentle breeze)
  • Sofia (culture, intelligence)
  • Susana (lily)
  • Teresa (her origin is not known with certainty)
  • Veronica (the one who will succeed)
  • Zoe (vitality)

Biblical Hebrew girl names

The names of biblical hebrew girl. Surely if we stop to think, when we look for a name it is usual that before its meaning it is accompanied by its origin. So surely you are familiar or familiar with seeing that that comes from the Hebrew. Well now, so that you have everything well organized, nothing like taking a look at this list of those classic names, but for which time never passes, since they all always have a story behind them.

  • Daniela: It is the person who always distinguishes what is fair or not. From what is said of her that it is synonymous with goodness.
  • Michelle: It comes to mean 'god is incomparable'.
  • Samara: 'The protected by God' is the meaning of this beautiful girl's name that is always sweet.
  • Maria Jose: Compound name that comes to mean 'God will provide'.
  • TamaraAs a biblical character, she is the daughter of David and is another of the most popular names that mean 'Date Palm'.
  • Sara: Also of Hebrew origin which means 'She who is a princess'. She was Abraham's wife and everyone fell in love with her because of her beauty.
  • Dara: 'Pearl of wisdom'. Although less frequent and has its masculine that is Darda.
  • delilah: Yes, we know this name from having been Samson's love. Its meaning is 'She who hesitates'
  • Abigail: 'The joy of the father' is its most literal meaning. She was one of King David's wives.
  • Suri: 'Princess', that is its meaning. Although some attribute a Persian origin to it.

Rare Biblical Girl Names

Weird girl names that we can also find in the bible and that, without a doubt, are not as frequent as the ones we are mentioning, but they also carry a story behind them. So originality will always be in your hand. Do you want your girl to have a somewhat unusual, but biblical name?

  • Hadassah: It is also of Hebrew origin and means 'the tree that blooms'.
  • Hefziba: Its meaning is 'my joy is in it'.
  • Bethsaida: 'Merciful' but also meanings are attributed to it such as the fishing house or the creator's house.
  • Vica: It is life, so it is also a leading and essential person.
  • arisbeth: Another of the biblical names for a girl that means 'God has helped'.
  • sahily: It must be said that it can be a variant of Sarah and that as meaning it is 'princess'.
  • Zila: It comes to be translated as 'Shadow'. It is said that they will be impulsive and capricious girls.
  • bithia: 'God's daughter'. Apparently she was a daughter of an Egyptian pharaoh and who married Mered, son of Ezra.
  • ditza: It is somewhat less common, but it must be said that it means joy and happiness.

Pretty Biblical Girl Names

As we can see, among the Hebrew girl names or the less common names, we also find very nice results. Since in addition to the curious stories behind them, the good thing about it is that they are usually quite loud names and that just by pronouncing them we already realize that we need them in our life. Do not miss them because the same thing happens to you too!

  • María: Without a doubt, it is one of the most used names. Without a doubt, a sacred name where they exist and that means 'The chosen one' or 'the beloved of God'
  • Proceedings: It is a variant of Ana. Among its meanings we have to mention 'the one who is compassionate' but also 'pure and chaste'.
  • Judith: It means 'from Judea' and 'the praised one'. She was the one who liberated the Jews.
  • Lia: Although it is true that the original name is Leah. Its meanings are tired, melancholic, but also the hardest worker
  • Ada: Maybe her name is so pretty because it really means beauty. She was Esau's first wife.
  • Marilia: Two meanings for the same name. 'Bella' on the one hand and 'guide' on the other.
  • Lisa: Although it is the short form of Elisabeth, it also has its meaning of 'consecrated to God'.
  • Carmen: Another of the most common and beautiful names that means 'vineyard of God'.

Uncommon Biblical Girl Names

Sometimes we are left with all those names that sound the most, that have passed from one generation to another and that we like but that perhaps, we would add that point of originality. Hence, we have rescued all these, which are less frequent but also need an opportunity.

  • zemira: Of Hebrew origin which means song.
  • nazaria: For people who have great courage and its meaning is centered on 'crowned flower'.
  • Jane: It is a feminine variant of the masculine name Yochanan that comes to be translated as 'God is merciful'.
  • Rhinatia: The one that is full of energy, is fast and very bright.
  • Raisa: Uncommon but it must be said that it translates as rose.
  • mahelet: It is the 'gift of God' as its most notable meaning.
  • YaetliOf course, if we talk about unusual biblical names for girls, you will find this one that means 'mountain goat'.
  • iriel: It is of Hebrew origin and means 'God is my light'.

Christian Biblical Girl Names

All those names of women that appear in the bible, are one of the great bases for the people that we are and those who will come. Because surely the vast majority of us have a name of this type. Because in addition to clinging to beliefs, it is also about stories, legends and much more. Hence, we must take it into account when selecting a name like these:

  • Hanna: It does not matter its variants and we like all of them. They are emotional and very affectionate people.
  • Belén: An extremely important place in this area, but which is also a proper name for a woman that means 'The house of bread'.
  • Eva: A widely used name that translates as 'The one who gives life'.
  • Juana: 'The one who is faithful to God'.
  • Elena: Symbolizes the moon, so it gives it qualities such as bright or dazzling.
  • Elisa: 'The one who swears by God' or 'the one who carries a promise'
  • Paula: Another of the most frequent names and that means 'humble'
  • Dorotea: It is the 'gift of God'

Arabic Biblical Girl Names

arabic girl names

It must be said that Arabic names usually refer to the appearance of the person. That is add qualities to the physique Of the same. But when we mention the biblical names, then there is a wide catalog to choose from which best suits your girl. On the other hand, it must be remembered that these names may come from some dialects that have coexisted in different countries.

  • Charity: Translates as hopes as well as aspirations.
  • nazli: Delicacy and beauty are two meanings that go together in this name.
  • Zaida: It is one of the most common and known to the vast majority. Its meaning? The one that grows.
  • Layla: Symbolizes nighttime beauty. So it is very ingrained to girls who have very dark hair.
  • Farah: It is the joy and vitality for a pretty positive and pretty name.
  • Malika: Another short name that comes to mean 'the queen'.
  • Rania: Among its most notable meanings it should be noted that it refers to charming or precious.
  • Zoraida: A woman who has something that captivates.

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