Meaning of Carolina

Meaning of Carolina

The subtlety of the name that we explain to you today defines kindness, joy and friendship united in one woman. Today we are talking about the origin and meaning of the name Carolina.

What does the name Carolina mean

The meaning of this name is "Very intelligent woman", it is closely related to the intellectual and purity of mind.

Its origin or etymology

El Carolina origin It is Germanic, and comes from a root from which so many other names, male and female, have emerged: Karl. It has a male variant: the name Carlos.

How do you spell Carolina in other languages?

In other languages, we can find very nice variants of this name.

  • In English you will know her as Caroline, but also like Anne o Ana.
  • In French and Italian it is also written Caroline.
  • In German you may find yourself Anna.

What known people are there with this name?

  • Carolina Herrera is a designer known worldwide for her clothing and apparel brand.
  • Carolina Ferre is a Spanish presenter.
  • In Monaco, the princess is called Carolina of Monaco.
  • The famous writer Carolina Trujillo.

What is Carolina's personality like?

La Carolina personality It is quite light-hearted. She is an outgoing woman who establishes good relationships with anyone. That's why when he gets older he has a long list of friends, and he keeps meeting people. Kindness owns your soul and you don't mind being pulled out of your comfort zone. What's more, he loves finding new challenges to adapt to new situations.

At work, he is never lacking in a smile and spreads it to all his colleagues. If you are self-employed, you always have something to entertain yourself with and you are never bored. He takes everything in a good mood and teamwork is one of his strengths. This makes Carolina achieve success in your work. If any of your colleagues have a problem, don't hesitate to offer your ear to improve everyone's productivity. Her colleagues feel very comfortable with her.

In love, Carolina is one of the most faithful women you can meet, since she will never cheat on you with another person. His personality is very trusting but if he finds out that he has been cheated on, he does not hesitate to break the relationship. She thinks that love is from one person.

With her friends and her family she is a very attentive woman. He likes to have fun and always offers new plans so that people don't get bored. He teaches his children honesty and the need to be creative in order to succeed.

This is all the information about the meaning of Carolina, then I suggest you visit all the names that start with C.

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