Basque girl and boy names

Basque girl and boy names

If you are going to be a father in a short space of time, it is very possible that you are already thinking about what name you can give him. It is one of the most frequent doubts among parents and many times not even an option is considered. In this modern world, it is increasingly common to use names in other idiots, such as Euskera (beyond the Basque Country), to give a name to a boy or a girl.

Here, in this article I am going to show you the selection of Basque names for women and men, each one of them beautiful, classic, modern and original so you can choose the one you like the most for your new baby. If you don't stick with any of the ones on the list, reading them may give you a slight idea of ​​which one you could finally use.

More Basque girl and boy names

Why name your baby, boy or girl, in Basque?

Having a cultural richness greatly benefits society. There are an infinity of beautiful names in the Basque language, and also, many of them surely you did not know that they came from this language. You will give your child an original name from birth, and you can also stand out from the crowd in the future. If what you want is that your child does not have a very common name, choose a name in Basque, even if you do not live in this autonomous community or are from outside of Spain.

[alert-announce] Euskera, which is also known as Basque, is a language in which the roots are still unknown. Some historians called it a "pre-Indo-European" language. Edurne, Ainhoa, Íker or Kiko also come from Basque. On the other hand, the meaning of all these names also attracts a lot of attention. [/ alert-announce]

After this short summary, below you can read two large complete lists of ideas to put a First name to your son or your daughter.

Basque girl or woman names

girls names in Basque

To start, below you can read a large list of feminine names to put your daughter. Do not miss details about these Basque girl names.

  • Nerea
  • Ainhoa
  • Itxaro
  • Naiara
  • Irati
  • naroa
  • Edurne
  • Gaia
  • Maider
  • Iraia
  • Aitana
  • olaia
  • irune
  • Aroa
  • agurtzane
  • Gurutze
  • Aintzane
  • Adirane
  • Terese
  • Elizabeth
  • Santxa
  • igone
  • Zumaia
  • Alaia
  • Maia
  • Nekane
  • elbire
  • Maialen
  • Naia
  • layene
  • Gadea
  • Uria
  • language
  • Aiantze
  • Zuriñe
  • Eider
  • Elaia
  • Leire
  • Mara
  • eskarne
  • Izaskun
  • erlea
  • Amaia
  • Haiza
  • udane
  • bakerne
  • Arantxa
  • Anne
  • Miren
  • Erika
  • Aegean
  • Constipation
  • Drizzle
  • Nicholas
  • Ainara
  • osane
  • baiza
  • Zaita
  • Aymara
  • Joshua
  • eguzkine
  • Garbiñe
  • aintza
  • homework
  • Agurne
  • Gisela
  • Lorraine
  • Maite
  • Begoña
  • elixe
  • Meredith
  • santzia
  • Franziska
  • sorrel
  • Haiza
  • Kattalin
  • eukene
  • Usea
  • White
  • Laia
  • Goizane
  • Estibaliz
  • Katarine
  • hirune
  • Nagore
  • Gabonese

Basque names for men or boys

On the other hand, if what you are going to have is a child who will grow up to become a little man, you cannot miss the whole list of Basque names for boys.

  • Iñaki
  • Ibai
  • Asier
  • Unai
  • Iker
  • Xabier
  • Joseba
  • Oier
  • Matia
  • Iñigo
  • Kepa
  • Koldo
  • hatches
  • Ion
  • Aingeru
  • Ignazio
  • erramun
  • They whistle
  • arrays
  • Zain
  • Beñat
  • endika
  • Erik
  • Ekaitz
  • Argentina
  • eguzki
  • bizen
  • Adur
  • gartzea
  • Fermin
  • Zygor
  • Estebe
  • igotz
  • Aitor
  • igari
  • Gurutz
  • Izan
  • Eneko
  • Mikel
  • Jon
  • More
  • Lander
  • Errö
  • Josu
  • Patxi
  • Ortzi
  • Edorta
  • antxon
  • erlantz
  • Imanol
  • Eder
  • Mintxo
  • bittor
  • Gaizka
  • Artzai
  • Gorka
  • Franzisko
  • antxo
  • Aimar
  • Nikola
  • Ekai
  • bikendi
  • Urko
  • One X
  • Marko
  • enaitz
  • Andoni
  • Daniel

Have you already decided on the perfect name for your baby in Basque? You may want to explore between other languages. That is why I have prepared the following contents that will give you new ideas about names for boys and girls. Don't think about it any more and stop by to take a look at them.

If you found this article about Basque names, now I suggest you go through the category names in other languages.

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The information on the meaning of all the names analyzed on this website has been prepared based on the knowledge acquired by reading and studying a reference bibliography of such prominent authors as Bertrand Russell, Antenor Nascenteso or the Spanish Elio Antonio de Nebrija.

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