Meaning of Alexander

Meaning of Alexander

Alejandro is a name with a rich history behind him; It comes directly from ancient Greece and alludes to a person who would become an empire from nowhere and who would help him dominate half of Europe. He would set himself up as emperor and nothing would stop him. To learn more about the meaning of the name Alejandro We invite you to continue reading.

What is the meaning of Alexander's name?

Its meaning can be translated as "The defender man", although, over time, it has been derived to "The protector man" or "The great savior."

What is the origin or etymology of Alexander?

The origin of Alexander has Greek roots. Its etymology is related to two different concepts. Written in Greek, they are αλέξειν, which means "protection" or defense, and ἀνδρός, which simply means man. Uniting these two concepts we have "The man who defends."

Going back in time, we find a slight feminine variation: Alejandra. We also have a reference in Homer's Iliad where Alexander appears, and it would be at that moment when the "Trojan War" would begin.

 Alejandro in other languages

  • In Catalan or Valencian, you will find it with the name of Alexandre.
  • In French, the name is written Alexandre.
  • In German and English we have a certain variation in relation to French: Alexander.
  • In Italian, on the other hand we have, Alessandro. Hence the diminutive of Sandro.

Famous by the name of Alejandro:

There are many men who have achieved success with this unique name:

  • Alexander Fleming He was the scientist who would develop penicillin.
  • Alexander the Great, the great Emperor who ended up dominating half of Europe.
  • A Spanish director from whom we have been able to enjoy many feature films: Alejandro Amenábar.
  • Singer Alejandro Sanz who has become famous for his amazing voice.
  • Alex, another singer, of operation triumph.

How is Alejandro?

Alejandro is the name of a man who is related to fidelity. Bet on everything you believe in and keep going to achieve your goals. He is generous and great, not hesitating to defend his people and those closest to him. From the first moment you know what you want and will establish a strategy to achieve it. They do not always have an account of others when their ambition is very high.

Despite that el Alexander's name It seems to refer to a very severe person, it is not at all: it is not usual that he can impose his own laws or regulations, in the same way that he does not like to be imposed on him. He will always follow the rules trying not to hurt anyone.

Looking at his mind, Alex is a very fast thinker. It stands out for being creative and for innovating in everything it sets out to do. For this reason, it is common for him to dedicate himself to politics or the creation of new ideas. He is able to apply the knowledge of his work to improve in his daily life. In addition, he will go out of his way to help his teammates.

Friends know that they can count on him whenever it is necessary: ​​and it is that he will not care what he has to leave to help them. This meaning alludes to practically any Alexander in history. Try to square your goal with the goal of others, trying to make it together so that everyone ends up winning.

He is a great lover of his wife and children. You may have to abandon them for their work to improve society, but always see them again at least once at the end of the day.

We know that this article in which we study everything related to the meaning of the name Alejandro it will have been of your interest. Below, you can find as many names beginning with letter A.

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