About the Author

My name is Ignacio Andujar and I am a graduate in Hispanic Philology from the University of Almería and a fanatic for many years for the study and analysis of the meaning of the names, both for people's names (the onomastics) as well as for animals and pets. I also really like the origin of the words (etymology) and the study of lexicons (lexicology).

At present I am Primary Teacher in a public school in Seville where I combine my teaching task with my passion for language and the history of the language.

For a great fan of the world of letters, the meaning of names could not stay in the way. From the beginning of my studies and subsequent graduation in Philology, the passion for the historical context or the origin of words it was positioned as a topic of interest in my life. Most people are left alone in whether a name they like or not, if it seems long or short or difficult to pronounce, but the reality is that each name hides much more behind it and on this website I help you discover everything what a name can offer you.

Hours dedicated to study of etymology, which is the great base and my first step to talk about the origin of words. Without forgetting that it also focuses on their chronology and all those changes that they may have in terms of meaning or form due to the passage of time. As time went by, this personal interest focused on the diachronic evolution of words. So each information and hours of study added more value to the previous one.

Perhaps another of the subjects that have marked me the most has been that of Comparative literature since in her the process of linguistic change was studied more thoroughly. So the loans and the analogy were positioned as two of the most important factors in linguistic change. I mention this because it has really been a whole process of years that has guided me to get here: studying a career in letters, subjects, philosophers and complementary studies as seminars or courses that have always contributed a lot to me both in terms of knowledge and personally.

Due to this need to continue delving into the meaning of names and words in general, the idea of ​​setting up this website was born. Since the concerns that I had made that when searching the internet, the information was not completely complete or sometimes somewhat confused not to say that on many websites it is even wrong. Thanks to having read a huge number of books on the subject (see bibliography section) I have been getting a fairly wide knowledge and what is better, different points of view to be able to give more shape to this passion.

Your name or the name of your pet is something more important than you think and therefore knowing its origin is something that I recommend to everyone. If you also want to enter fully into a world as magical as that of words, I assure you that you will find valuable and contrasted information in meanings-names.com