Meaning of Ana

Meaning of Ana

Ana is a somewhat controversial man because the person who wears him is not always socially correct. In any case, it seems that the Spanish do not care too much, since it is in the top 20 of the most chosen. If you are also thinking of using it for your daughter, find out more about it meaning of the name Ana.

What is the meaning of Ana's name?

The meaning of Ana is quite clear: blessed with grace. It alludes to compassion, effectiveness and charity. That is why many characters in the Bible used it, such as the mother of María.

What is the origin or etymology of Ana?

The etymology of this name has roots in Hebrew Hebrew, specifically it comes from the term Hana. There is a curiosity about this name that you may not know, since it is not usual: there is a masculine variation and it is Ananias. This name was carried by Ananias of Zebedee.

Experts think that the origin is quite ancient, that it can be found in the "Old Testament of the Bible." Besides Mary's mother, Samuel's mother was also named in the same way.

. As for the origin, it is quite old, as you can find it in the Old Testament of the Bible. Samuel's mother is the first to be called Ana. Also, the mother of the Virgin of many Christians is called that.

 Ana in other languages

How is a man who has so much history behind his back, we can find it in many other languages:

  • In English, we will find him as Anne, with her variant Hanna.
  • In German, Italian and French, you will meet him as Anna.
  • There is a diminutive that is used a lot in Spanish: Ani.

Famous known by the name of Ana:

There are many women who have risen to fame and who have this name, like these:

  • The famous journalist who wears The Objective, Ana Pastor.
  • Another journalist and TV presenter who collaborates on many programs: Anna Simon.
  • A singer whose voice made more than one shudder: Ana Torroja, from Mecano.
  • Another singer who also had an impact, with a beautiful voice: Ana Belén.

How is Ana?

As we have already commented, it may be that Ana's personality is not to everyone's liking. Your sincerity is your main weapon. You will find many men and women who will seek sincerity, but who will not be able to accept it from Ana's mouth. She does not lie, she is quite impulsive and does not like to be below others. Usually tries to be right about everything, but knows how to back down when necessary

Women who have the Ana's name They give their relatives the best they have: they will spend as much time as possible with those closest to them to try to instill in them everything they know. In the event that you have more than one child, you will not keep a favorite, but will give love to all of them. This trait of your personality will give you honor and respect.

In relation to her love activities, you will not find anyone who has more passion than Ana. She will give herself body and soul to her partner. You will not be able to bear infidelity. It will be difficult for you to overcome this bump in the event that any stage of the relationship occurs. Their jealousy, even if founded, could end everything.

In addition to all of the above, he is a very optimistic person. Whenever he has a problem, he will try to find help or a way to solve it. The way you turn it all is the way you succeed.

We hope that this text in which we have discussed the meaning of the name Ana it has interested you. If you still have doubts when selecting a name, you can take a look at other names beginning with A.

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