Famous real and movie dog names

Famous real and movie dog names

Choose famous dog names It is something that will never go out of style and it will also make you relive your childhood again. Remember everything like never before with this great list that we have prepared for you!

Next we leave you the best list that you will find with famous names that belonged to females and males. Many of them are from comics or movies while some others correspond to real dogs. Choose the one you like the most and remember that if you know any more and you think I have forgotten one, you can always put it in the comments.

Famous male dog names

famous dog names

  • Scoby doo. It is one of the most famous cartoon dogs of all time. He is a Great Dane who starred in the series Scooby Doo, with which he shared the name. He was a very cowardly dog ​​(just like his owner Shaggy) but he was always the one who in the end caught all the villains they came across.
  • Goofy. He exuded sympathy due to his infectious laugh. We can find it in many movies and shorts from the Disney company.
  • Pongo. This is one of the characters that appear in the movie 101 Dalmatians.
  • Beethoven: He is a Saint Bernard dog that could stand out for anything but his cunning. Of course, he was very affectionate and tremendously close to his masters.
  • Odie He is the funny little dog that appears in Garfield.
  • Valentín It was the puppy that appeared in the television series called Here there is no one alive. His real name was Cook and appeared more times on television as in the role of Pancho, in the ONCE announcement, or as Pep in Los Serrano. We also saw it as Camilo in the one that looms.
  • Pickles It was the little dog who became famous for sniffing out the 66 World Cup that had been stolen. It was something so funny and unusual that the little dog became famous and ended up attending a multitude of events with his owner.
  • Zeus. It is a real dog that became famous for being extremely large.
  • ran tan plan, or rather known as the dumbest puppy in the world. We could see it in the western series Lucky Lucke.

famous movie dog

  • Seymour, is the puppy that we can find in the Futurama television series.
  • Gulf is the protagonist of the film Lady and the Tramp.
  • Toby. His master had always trained him to hunt, but in the end he became friends with a very endearing fox, Tod.
  • Hachikō. One of the most famous royal dogs. It became very popular when it became known that this dog appeared every day of his life at the train station to wait for his deceased master.
  • Santa Claus assistant is the puppy that belongs to Bart Simpson. He is a somewhat cowardly dog ​​because his previous owner mistreated him, although with the Simpson family he gradually regains happiness.
  • Fog It is Heidi's great Saint Bernard who was always eating snails. It is a lovely name if your puppy is white. In Japanese he was called Joseph.
  • Togo. It is a puppy of the Husky breed that rose to fame for all its solidarity actions, since it had the merit of having supplied several populations of the Alaska region with food and diphtheria antitoxin when human beings had no means of entering the region. Another dog that accompanied him on this trip was called Balto.
  • Nevado is the puppy that appears in the Japanese anime series called Shin Chan. In South America it is called Lucky and in Japan it is Shiro.
  • Rex he was a police dog who always found villains. On the other hand, it was a very playful dog that was always doing mischief to his teammates.
  • Fang It is in Harry Potter Hadgrid's pet.
  • Pluto It was a dog created in the studios of the prestigious Walt Disney Company 80 years ago. Its owner is Mickey Mouse.
  • rin tin tin. They were actually a group of several small dogs of the German Shepherd breed. It was one of the main series that entertained many generations.
  • Slinky It is the famous dock dog from the movie Toy Story.
  • Colonel It was a puppy that appeared in the movie 101 Dalmatians.
  • Brian. It is an arrogant dog that speaks just like a person. He is very wise and has a great friendship with Stewie. Both are characters from the famous series Family Guy Made in USA.
  • Milo is a Jack Russel Terrier breed dog who had his role in the movie The Mask. In real life his name was Max.
  • Lout. It is an animated cartoon from the series Los autos locos. His clumsy friend Pierre Nodoyuna was one of his loyal friends who had a great mocking laugh.
  • Dino. Morphologically it is a dinosaur but it really is Pedro Flintstone's dog.
  • Snoopy is a character that appears in Peanuts, in Spanish Snoopy, a famous white puppy loved by all.
  • Zero is the ghost dog that appears in the film-music of The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Marshal, Rocky, Tracker, Apollo, Zuma y Rubble They are all recent and famous characters from the current television series The Paw Patrol.
  • Brutus it's Popeye's puppy.
  • Dogmatix, which they also call Ideafix is ​​Obélix's pet.

Top Famous Female Dog Names

famous bitches names

  • Lassie. Many people claim that she is the most famous dog in the world. We could see it in many movies and books.
  • Time She is a dog that really existed and her popularity was due to the fact that she was the first dog to travel into space, although unfortunately she did not return alive.
  • Blanquita  She is the new dog in the famous 102 Dalmatians movie.
  • Lost It is the name of another of the protagonists of the film 101 Dalmatians.
  • Dina. It is about the platonic love of Pluto, both Disney characters.
  • Skye, Sweetie y Everest They are the three female dogs that appear in the Paw Patrol series; Gang of puppies.
  • Queen is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog that plays the role of Lady in the film Lady and the Tramp.

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