Meaning of Laura

Meaning of Laura

On this occasion we bring a name that has a lot of history behind it, even several centuries old. It is one of the most popular to put a baby. In the following lines we describe everything related to the meaning of the name Laura.

What is the meaning of Laura's name?

The meaning of this female name can be translated as "Person who has achieved victory."

What is the origin or etymology of Laura?

La Laura's etymology has its roots in Latin, derives from the concept Laura. In ancient Greece wreaths were made of the laurel flower to honor those people who had gone to war and had come out of it with flying colors. This same ceremony was able to set a precedent and become a tradition in Rome; here, the crowns were called laureas, info here where Laura's name arose.

Experts cannot agree on the origin of, there are some who bet that it comes from term mining, although there is no consensus on it.

 Laura in other languages

As in so many other names, we can find a great list of variations. However, in the case of Laura's name, this is not the case: in English, German or French, it is written in the same way. However, in Italian there is only a diminutive: laureta.

We also find a synonym that comes directly from Greek and that is very common lately in Spain: Daphne.

Famous people by the name Laura

  • The great singer Laura Pausini who composed "La Soledad" among many other songs.
  • A writer from Spain who has created very interesting works: Laura Gallego.
  • An actress with names Laura Flores.
  • Laura Valenzuela is a renowned TV presenter.

How is Laura?

If you want to know everything about him meaning of names, then you are also interested in everything related to personalities.

In this case, Laura is an optimistic woman. A positive aura surrounds him that is transferred to all the people around him. She is a girl who is easy to love, capable of brightening the life of anyone just by looking at her.

In relation to friendships, Laura has it easy to create lasting and quality relationships. He knows how to choose his partners very well. These relationships will help you find a job, and build great teams that will increase the performance of the company.

At work, he will usually stand out for specializing in the areas of administration, in accounting (because he is very good at numbers). Most likely, you end up with a good salary.

In the field of love, Laura is a person who is related to tenderness and passion. He likes to search for his great love, but he has to be 100% compatible with her. You love silence and would like to share meditation with your better half. He also likes other activities such as movies, walks in the moonlight, and music at nightclubs every so often. It is controlled as far as expenses are concerned and it does not take much to achieve happiness.

At the family level, Laura is a girl who does not always control if she puts a lot of pressure on her children, but she does it for a good reason: so that they are able to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. In the end, they will thank you. He likes to do activities as a family and be with friends, thus getting children to create new relationships.

We know that this article in which we talk about the meaning of the name Laura it has been of your interest. You can also see these other names beginning with L.

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