Meaning of Valeria

Meaning of Valeria

It may seem to you that it is a name of high standing, since its origins go back to the Roman Empire. However, any woman should be able to call herself that, as beauty and tenderness flood this name. In this article we are going to talk about the origin, the personality and the meaning of the name Valeria.

What does the name Valeria mean

Its meaning is very similar to that of name Valentinaas it means "Healthy Woman" or "Courageous", an exact match. It also means impatience and speed, since as you will see in her personality she is a woman who goes very fast in everything she does.

Its origin or etymology

It comes from its male variant Valerio. The etymology of this name is found in Latin, a fully religious origin.

How do you spell Valeria in other languages?

It does not have as many variants as other names, but here we leave you the most important ones.

  • In English you will know her as Valerie.
  • In French it is similar, Valérie.
  • On the other hand, in the rest of the languages ​​it is written the same as in Spanish.

What known people are there with this name?

We have a couple of famous, illustrious or famous women who are called like that.

  • Valeria from Milan It is considered one of the most important Santas in history in Catholicism.
  • Today you surely meet Valeria mazza, a really beautiful South American model.

What is Valeria's personality like?

If you wonder what stands out in the Valeria's personalityYou should know that she is a very restless girl, that borders on hyperactivity. You like to do many things at the same time, in order to be more productive and reach your goals as quickly as you can. Therefore, it is likely that you see her continuously stressed.

Valeria stands out because she accepts the new challenges that are put on her, she has no problems leaving her comfort zone. It is a very important advantage, since you can dedicate yourself to any sector and stand out as an impressive woman. In his character you will see that he does not care about obstacles, since he wants to overcome them without stopping to think about it.

Impatience is another of the traits that characterize Valeria, and her personality. If something is proposed, it tries to solve it as soon as possible and does not rest until it is achieved. It is something that can take its toll on your health, but it is also a relief when you reach the goal, which makes you happy. If it is not necessary, you do not want anyone to help you, because it is usually faster than others. This can sometimes make it difficult for her to work as a team, as her colleagues progress more slowly, but Valeria also knows how to adapt to the speed at which they work.

When he sets out to create a project, even if it seems unfeasible, he goes for it, and this also happens in his love life. In this case, sometimes your security and decision is not so present. The name ValeriaDespite being "Courageous", she changes completely and jealousy takes over. You also feel a certain distrust until you enter into an intimate relationship with your partner. Some of what he least likes is the unpunctuality of others, since as you have seen, he does not like wasting time. If you are a man and you are married to a girl with that name, you probably already know.

However, when she reaches that intimate touch of the relationship, she is herself again. Understanding appears and these details will matter less to Valeria, she will want to make her partner happy and will also work for a family project with common goals. You will love your children and everyone around you.

I hope the personality and the meaning of the name Valeria has been of your use. If not, I recommend that you visit the section below names that start with V.

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