Meaning of Rosa

Meaning of Rosa

In this article we are going to know the meaning of a name that refers to one of the most special flowers on the planet. Now, it is not what it seems: not everyone can touch it, and it is full of thorns. You always have to treat her in a special way, to earn a place in her life. In the following lines you will know everything about him meaning of rose.

What is the meaning of Rosa's name?

Rosa literally means "Woman as beautiful as a rosebush". It refers to the beauty of the flower, from which a very close and special aroma emanates. But we must consider that on the other hand it is full of thorn, and that we can prick ourselves.

La Rosa's personality it is usually from a very kind woman; He gives all his time and affection to his loved ones. However, she is somewhat naive: this means that throughout her life she can be deceived on several occasions. It will be at that time when the thorns can be seen, which will be nothing more than a self-defense mechanism to protect themselves from people.

Meaning of Rosa

At work level, Rosa is a woman who is fully in tune with nature. For this reason, he prefers to work in some sectors such as agrology or agriculture. It is also possible that it is dedicated to the administrative field, always to preserve nature. Create good relationships with your teammates, fostering collaboration to improve the productivity of the entity.

In the loving plane, Pink She is a woman who is going to demand a lot from her partner. You need someone to give you emotional support and all the love you need to keep going. As usual, you will not stop until you find your better half, your partner for life. But if the relationship does not work, it will not take long to sever it before it continues to grow. Share some traits with Valeria, such as the fact that it does not support unpunctuality, or the irresponsibility.

At a family level, Pink She is a woman who needs to disconnect by visiting natural backwaters and new trails that she has not yet found with her family. It transmits the values ​​that the planet must be taken care of in order to leave it in good condition for future generations.

What is the origin / etymology of Rosa?

Rosa's name has its origin in Latin. As you have already seen, it can be translated as "Beautiful woman like a rosebush." Its etymology is not too clear, some think that it derives from terms such as "uiola" or "lilium", from which other names such as Violeta were formed. There are also references that suggest that they may have a Greek origin.

His saint is August 30.

There are many variations of Rosa's name, even diminutives: Rosita, Rosi, Rosaura, Rosalinda or Rosana.

Rosa in other languages

Although it has been many centuries since its formation, it does not have many variations:

  • In English and French it would be written as Rose.
  • In Spanish, Italian and Valencian, the way to write it is Pink.

Known people by the name of Rosa

There are many women with the name Rosa (or some variation) who have achieved fame.

  • Rosalia de Castro, a well-known renowned novelist and poet.
  • Rosana, a singer who has been around the world.
  • Rosa Villacastin a journalist who has worked in renowned magazines, such as Interviú.
  • Rosa Sanchez is Marquesa in Solanda.

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