Meaning of Rocío

Meaning of Rocío

There are some names in Spain that are characterized by having great strength and a special meaning. One of the most important is Rocío, a name that has evolved in the same way as our society, with a completely autonomous thought. Read on to know more about the meaning of Rocío.

Meaning of Rocío's name


Rocío can be translated as "The refreshing woman". And as you will see below, its origin is very interesting, since it comes from Andalusia.

La Rocío's personality it is very autonomous and youthful at the same time, although it may seem contradictory. She knows what the new generations need and she is very sincere. You have no problem saying what you think, even if it is the opposite of what others think. Of course, in a respectful way.

In the workplace, Rocío is a person who performs well in certain trades such as judge, lawyer, or other professions related to legality. I like to defend their loved ones and the weakest sectors. One of his hobbies par excellence is art. He likes to appreciate paintings and reading, occupying these hobbies much of his free time. It is precisely these that help them mature and understand the world in which they live. It also allows you to evolve on a professional level.

In your love life, Rocío is a person who gives herself to her sentimental partner. You do not need the personality to be the same, but everything can flow easily. She does not like to feel pressured, as she respects the space for her love. Some people think that you neglect it excessively, but nothing further. It is true that he does not care about some dates, but he loves to the fullest.

At the family level, Rocío is a woman who needs to have a couple of children so that they do not feel alone. It will teach them to think so that no one can deceive them. In addition, they think that current education is not enough, so she herself will educate them to excel in different areas of life.

What is the Origin or etymology of Rocío?

The origin of this female name has no roots in Hebrew, Greek, Latin or Anglo-Saxon. This name is Andalusian, which means "The youthful woman", "The refreshing woman." We can also find another very interesting meaning, "Funny woman." Curiously, it would be created from a Pueblo town with the same name, located in Huelva.

His saint is Virgen del Rocío, on April 11.

There are no male variants.

The only diminutive known is Roci.

 Rocío in other languages

As the name comes from Andalusia, we cannot find variations in other languages, at least not at the moment. Therefore, it will be written in the same way in English, German, Italian, French, as well as in other languages.

famous people known by the name of Rocío

  • Rocio durcal She is a songwriter.
  • Another very popular singer Dew Sworn.
  • Rocio Guirao She is a Model who is very successful.

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  1. The truth is that everything he says here is very accurate with my personality, what's more, I am usually the funny one of my group of friends, the nice one, the youthful and refreshing one, I love art and I do drawing, painting, ceramics workshops. , guitar, and then I'll start piano and theater. Oh, and I love writing poems.
    The truth is that I adore my name, it is very cute and sweet, it is possible that in the future I will dedicate myself to something that has to do with art ... kisses!

  2. How cute I love my name !!!! and I also adore art, singing and acting. It is very nice to know the origin of my name.


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