Meaning of Kiara

Meaning of Kiara

In the following text we are going to study the meaning of one of the most endearing names that you can see on the web. It is related to beauty, to creativity, to a dreamy attitude thinking that wishes can be fulfilled. Below, you can learn about more of the meaning of Kiara.

What is the meaning of Kiara's name?

Kiara means "Woman who expresses herself clearly"This means that he is able to say everything that comes to mind, regardless of who he weighs.

With regards to  kiara personality, it is difficult to define by words. On the one hand, she is a dreamy and constant woman, who likes to achieve the proposed objectives. At first it may take you a little while to get started, but as you progress, you will be able to take action and see your goals much more achievable. He likes to imagine ideal role models in his life, as well as in the lives of those closest to him. It is a way for entrepreneurs to follow their path to success.

Meaning of Kiara

In the workplace, Kiara She is a woman who stands out for her opinions, for expressing them with total naturalness. In general, their way of doing things is usually the most successful. Therefore, her bosses often trust her without question. For all this, you can reach the positions of greater responsibility, and get better rewards. On the other hand, her coworkers trust her way of acting a lot, they want to learn from her and improve by her side. She likes to teach so that everyone improves.

In the loving plane, Kiara is still just as sincere. The only thing he will not be able to tolerate is infidelity; on this plane it is more traditional. She thinks that a man and a woman always have to be faithful to each other… and that if this is lost, everything will be lost.

What is the origin / etymology of Kiara)

The origin of this name is woman is in the English language. It does not have British origin, but it is American. As we have already seen, it can be translated as "Woman who shines and clearly". And we don't know much more about its origins; there are those who think that it has the same roots as the name of Clara.

It has no associated saint, no extended diminutives, or masculine variation.

 Kiara in other languages

Depending on the language we are talking about, there are some variants that are very interesting:

  • In Castilian or Spanish, the name is Clara.
  • In English, the name is Kiara.
  • In German you will meet Clara: Klara.
  • In French, this name will be Claire.
  • Finally, in Italian we will write it as Chiara.

Famous people known by the name of Kiara

There are many famous women with this name, like these:

  • Kiara rules she is a fantastic dancer.
  • Kiara Mia is a popular model.
  • Kiara glasco is recognized actress.

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