Meaning of Paulina

Meaning of Paulina

There are certain names that are associated with Beauty, with affection and with inner peace. In our country they are not very common, but they are in other places, such as in Latin countries. The diminutives are used here regularly, as full names. Here you can find all the information you should know about the meaning of Paulina.

What is the meaning of the name Paulina?

Paulina can be translated as "A small woman with a big heart". It is related to the ability of women to show their love, and that men do not always manage to manifest. Let's say it is an appellation that serves as a vindication.

Paulina She is a type of woman who likes to attract attention, she is self-centered and knows that she has to enjoy life from day to day, trying to make the people around her happy. This makes many men fall in love with the way they are, even if it is not Paulina's intention. She is a woman who does not like to be still: she always has to introduce new activities into her life: she is always curious and tries to go further at all times.

Meaning of Paulina

In the workplace, Paulina She is a very creative woman, so it is quite common for her to dedicate herself to acting. She would very much like to be an actress, and enjoys arts such as dance or music, being able to create new trends that make people fall in love. His personality makes him a lucky person in life; he will always have a job, since he has a lot of talent to adapt to whatever it is.

In matters of the heart, Paulina should pay a little more attention. It is not that he forgets about his relationships, but the truth is that, due to his profession, he is sometimes very far from his partner, which makes the passion cool. Just by finding a man who understands you, matters of the heart will be a success. It is she who brings up the issues to talk about: she is very ambitious, she would like to fix the world and be happy at the same time.


What is the origin / etymology of Paulina?

The origin of this woman's name has Greek roots. We can translate its meaning as: The little woman with a big heart.

Experts cannot agree on its etymology: some think it could derive from  name Paula, but this is something that is not very clear.

It has a male variation,  Pablobesides having diminutives like Pau or Pauli.

His saint is July 12.

 Paulina in other languages

There are only 3 variations of this name:

  • In English it is written Pauline.
  • In French, the name is Paulette.
  • In Valencian it is written in the same way as in Spanish, Paulina.

Famous people by the name of Paulina

  • The well-known singer Paulina Rubio.
  • An actress from Mexico, Paulina Goto.
  • The famous writer Paulina simons.
  • Another actress: Paulina H. Garcia.

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