Meaning of Genesis

Meaning of Genesis

Genesis is a woman's name that is related to the perfect, to the search for that perfection. He is a person who focuses on the details to achieve everything that is proposed. In case you want to have more information about this name, keep reading to know more about it. meaning of Genesis.

What is the meaning of the name Genesis?

Genesis translates "From the beginning of time". For this reason, in the Bible it has a great importance, and it is that even one of the books is called that.

Genesis She has a curious personality: she is a person who does everything possible to show all the best of herself, so she wants to meet her perfect partner. But he is very demanding, and does not hesitate to reject someone who is not perfect. He knows the exact moment when he is face to face with his better half, and he has a kind of gift to find her. It is not usually wrong in the love plane.

At work, Génesis is a woman with leadership skills. Not only is she the best boss, but she also knows how to direct. He has extensive communication gifts, knows how to motivate the dishes to be met and offer rewards based on the effort of each person. He likes to communicate very much and is aware of what each worker is progressing.

As with anyone, Genesis also suffers some ups and downs. However, she has a special ability: she is capable of recovering from these changes; Every time an obstacle gets in his way, he goes out of his way to avoid it. You know that you will always have your loved ones by your side, supporting them in all the decisions you make. All this energy is collected to continue moving towards professional and personal success.

What is the origin or etymology of the name Genesis?

The origin of this name female name has its roots in Greek. Its meaning is "beginning of things, the origin of creation, a new birth." It was also widely used in the Hebrew language.

We do not know when it is the saint of Genesis, since it is not information that appears anywhere.

As for the most common diminutive, we have "Gene"

Ways to write Genesis in other languages

As with other names (such as Bruno), Genesis is a unique name for each and every conventional language.

In both English and Spanish, Valencian, Italian, German or French, it is written in the same way

That is to say, that either we are left with the name of genesis as is, or there will be no variation.

Famous people by the name of Genesis

Here is a list of celebrities who are called like this:

  • Genesis Rodríguez, a famous actress from USA
  • The model Genesis tapia.
  • El rock music group genesis.

Video on the meaning of Genesis

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