Meaning of Karina

Meaning of Karina

Sometimes we meet individuals who have a somewhat complicated personality, which we do not understand no matter how hard we try. Above all, those people who are possessive, aggressive or very ambitious. It is not difficult to deal with them, we just cannot understand them. And this is a bit what happens to us with this name. Read on to know everything about him  Karina meaning.

What is the meaning of Karina's name?

Karina can be translated as "Woman with love in abundance"; This means that she is a woman who will always have someone by her side to give her what she is looking for, to offer her time and love and thus form a family.

In relation to the Karina's personality, is characterized by being a slightly jealous person. It really happens more when you see that your partner spends a lot of time with their close friends; in fact, it doesn't take long to imagine things that aren't really happening. These problems, in the long run, could wear down the relationship, to the point where they break up. In order to be truly happy in love, you will need someone who can understand you, who is attentive. She is somewhat possessive, although this problem will be further aggravated if she has not received enough love in her life. If your partner knows how to treat you, she will realize that it is really worth being around him.

Meaning of Karina

Karina is a very meticulous woman; He has special gifts to dedicate himself to the world of art as a profession. She is passionate about design, painting and decoration, and is also a great lover of interior design. All this he values ​​as a hobby and, therefore, he is so good at it. It is common to see her leading a team; In the end you can have strong arguments about it, but they will end up being solved.

Her employees believe that Karina will take all the credit for the job and this is, in a way, true, as she is quite a possessive person. But he also has a logical mind. That is, in the end he will come to his senses and praise all who deserve it. This will allow us to see who knows it in depth and who does not. It is important to reach the depths of your mind to truly understand and appreciate it.

What is the origin or etymology of Karina's name?

The origin of this woman's name has its roots in Latin. As we have already seen, it means "Woman with a lot of love in her life." The meaning of the name resembles that of Karen (see meaning here), according to its etymology.

His saint is the 7th of November.

There is also a rare diminutive, Kari.

 Karina in other languages

Although it is a fairly old name, it has been preserved as it is with the passage of time. That is, there is no variation in other languages. The only variation it has is that of the diminutive that we have discussed.

Famous by the name of Karina

There are many women who have become famous by this name, such as the ones we describe below:

  • The popular model Karina Jelinek.
  • The cheerleader  Karina rivera.
  • A woman dedicated to the world of music Karina M. Elias.

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