Meaning of Tania

Meaning of Tania

Today you are going to know a name that means beauty and passion for her work and helping others. However, his personality is somewhat complicated in relationships. It is pretty but not as popular as other names in Hispanic society. Below I present all the information about the origin and the meaning of Tania.

What does the name Tania mean

Tania means "A princess of great beauty". You just have to read or pronounce this name to notice how beautiful it is. Even so, it is not among the most popular in Spanish speaking.

La tania's personality refers to a very funny and smiling woman, who exudes positivity and energy to everyone around her. It is close and with a spicy touch.

At work, Tania It is usually dedicated to any field related to improving the quality of human life, be it health, or new technologies. For example, it is common for you to find her as a researcher in scientific centers, as a family doctor or pediatrician. His hobbies include intense sports such as running or hiking. Take care of your diet meticulously and transmit those values ​​to your close circles.

Meaning of Tania

In personal relationships, Tania shows a somewhat flirtatious personality. Serious relationships aren't your thing until you realize you've found the perfect man. However, even her most valued relationship can break down because despite her dedication, she is quite jealous, similar to Karina. Until you understand that trust must be mutual, these discussions will not go away, a bump that not everyone is willing to endure.

In the family, Tania She has already overcome the problem of jealousy and creates a warm and welcoming climate with her children and her husband. He loves to celebrate the holidays, especially Christmas, since the saints of his name are close to those dates.

Origin or etymology of Tania

The origin of this feminine proper name is in Russian, and its etymology comes from the term tacianus. All the information about its origin is not very clear, and there is not as much as in other names since it is much more recent.

El saints It occurs in January, on the 12th. There is a rare diminutive, Tanita, and some variants such as Taciana or Tatiana. However, there are no male forms.

How do you spell Tania in other languages?

There are not too many spelling variants that have been generated in other languages.

  • In both English, Italian, French or Spanish, it is written Tania.
  • In German you will meet Tatjana, or probably to Tanya.

What known people are there with the name Tania?

  • Tania Sanchez (Spanish politics)
  • Tania Llasera (TV presenter)
  • Tania sarrias (actress and presenter)

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