Meaning of name Daniel

Meaning of name Daniel

It is difficult to find a name that does not have a religious component behind it. Most of them have Christian, Muslim roots… And this is no exception. In today's article you will know the meaning of the name Daniel, very interesting because it is one of the most frequent at the Hispanic level: in fact, in Spain it is among the 5 most chosen for male newcomers to the world.

What does the name Daniel mean

Closeness, sincerity, friendship or family are some of the meanings that are attributed to this name. From what is close the diminutives are born, such as Dani or Neil. It is also associated with tranquility and kindness.

Its meaning is based on the term El, related to the divine, and at the root Then, which means "judge." Therefore, Daniel means "Judge of the divine", or "Sacred Justice".

Its origin or etymology

Like a great majority of current names, it has a Hebrew origin, specifically you can find Daniyyel in various manuscripts.

How do you spell Daniel in other languages?

We can meet with homologues of the name Daniel in other languages.

  • In Italian, you will know him as Danihe.
  • In Basque, you will know it as Daniel.
  • On the other hand, in Valencian, English, French and other languages ​​it is written in the same way as in Spanish.

What known people are there with this name?

  • We can meet one of the colonizers of America, Daniel Boone.
  • In the 50s, a renowned scientist won the Nobel Prize in medicine, named Daniel bovet.
  • In Spain we have several well-known figures among the youngest, such as the singer Dani Martinby El Canto del Loco.
  • The new James Bond is actually called Daniel Craig.
  • Another character that deserves to be highlighted is the Daniel who gave the title to one of Elton John's best-known songs. We have left you the video at the end of the article so that you can appreciate its beauty.
  • Finally, we have Daniel Kottke, one of the first great friends of Apple founder Steve Jobs, although their relationship was cooled by sharing the same love.

What is Daniel's personality like?

Typically, you can trust a person named Daniel. She is close and generous. He cares a lot about his family and shows them his closeness. Serving them makes you feel fulfilled.

Daniel is usually quite open-minded and organized. An active person like him, or his analogous Daniela, usually achieves success through his good ideas, since he can make tangible something that is born as a mere thought. In addition, his ideas relate to improving the general well-being of a population, whether in medicine, science or the humanities.

As we have said, he is very generous with his friends, to whom he dedicates as much time as he can, but he also needs attention from others to achieve his happiness.

One of the buts may be its sometimes extreme sensitivity. Your mood sometimes hangs on the approval of other people, especially those around you.

We hope you enjoyed reading the meaning of Daniel. Then you can read the meaning of male names, or others names that start with D.

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