Meaning of Sergio

Meaning of Sergio

This name stands out for referring to a discreet, persevering man, and for always having an optimistic attitude towards life. Sergio is a person who follows his instincts, courageous and courageous, capable of helping others in their worst moments. Read on to know everything about him meaning of Sergio.

What is the meaning of Sergio's name?

Sergio can be translated as "The guardian man". It is characterized by doing the impossible to defend its assets. He will never abandon the people around him, no matter how many problems he may have with them.

La Sergio's personality this double standard: On the one hand, we find a person of great strength who seems to be able to endure everything, always with a smile on his face. However, inside we can find a certain fear and indecision. It is highly appreciated by your friends, as you will always find a way to brighten up their day. He manages to make anyone he meets laugh. In addition, it is so discreet that it is able to keep its own personal problems.

Regarding his professional career, Sergio is a man who stands out for specializing in science. I really like the subject of modern medicine, specializing in the development of creating new formulas to cure diseases that still cannot be cured, or improving diagnostic techniques. He will dare with what has never been discovered. Although he knows that his work will be full of obstacles, he believes that it is worth going to the end of the road to get good results. He likes rap music and reading.

In the personal sphere, Sergio knows that he has to look for a woman like him, that really is compatible. It is difficult for him to gain confidence with the girls, but the moment he finds his better half, there will be them almost from the first moment. It will be from that moment when he will do the impossible to conquer her, keeping the relationship together and avoiding any obstacle that may arise. He is a faithful man and one of those who does not forgive being deceived.

At a family level, Sergio is a person who encourages his children so that they can choose their own path: he encourages them to move on and think about what they would like to do since they were little. This way, you will avoid destroying your dreams like most parents do. He is the patriarch of the family and likes to have an open mind.

What is the Origin or etymology of Sergio's name?

The exact origin of this name is not known. The vast majority of historians think that it derives directly from Latin, and that its etymology is "Sergius", although it is not very clear either.

The Saint of Sergio is on September 8.

A very rare diminutive of Sergio is Thu, or Dumbi as an affectionate nickname.

There is also a rare female variant, Sergia.

 Sergio in other languages

This man can be found translated into many languages, although there are not too many variants:

  • In Italian and German it will be written in the same way as in Spanish
  • In English and French you will write it as Serge.
  • In Russian you will find it as Sergey.
  • In Turkish it is written serge.

Famous people by the name Sergio

  • Serj Tankian is the renowned singer of System of a Down.
  • sergio dalma He is a genius of music who composed «Bailar pegados» among other songs.
  • Sergio Ramos He is a popular footballer for the Spanish national team and Real Madrid.
  • Sergio Busquets He is a recognized footballer.

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When is the day of Saint Sergius?

Saint Sergius has his day of celebration which is October 7. But we cannot forget that there were more men named Sergio and as such, it also has various celebrations in different months or days. Like the day of September 8 that Saint Sergius I is celebrated, while the 25th of this month that we have just mentioned, it is also the day of Saint Sergius of Radonezh, a monk and one of the most important in Russia.

Saint Sergius and Bacchus

As we have mentioned, it is true that there were several important Sergio. One of the best known is linked to another man, who is Bacchus. Both of them, They were Maximiliano's military, the emperor. They were both very brave and for that, the emperor was very fond of them. While Sergio was the boss and commander, Baco was his second, so as we say, their lives were closely linked.

life, and day of celebration of Saint Sergius and his relationship with Bacchus

Since they were so friendly with each other and also with the emperor, envy soon appeared in their lives. This made them blamed for being christians, something that Maximiliano could not tolerate. But thinking a bit he also realized that neither of them was a participant in the sacrifices they made to the gods. So their punishment came to them, being relegated from their positions in the first place. Finally, Baco was beaten to death and Sergio had to run with shoes that had nails inside. Then they beheaded him.

The cult and the relationship between the two saints

They go together, because they had the same job, they were friends and also, they died of terrible punishments. But it is true that the figure and history of these saints goes a little further. On the one hand, several churches were consecrated in his honor, both in Constantinople and in Rome. But it is true that the most modern writers have taken a step further.

Since it has attracted a lot of attention the relationship of Saint Sergius and Bacchus. Investigating into it, there are ancient texts that describe them as lovers. For what they consider one of the first homosexual couples of Christianity. Of course, this theory has also been quite criticized by many others. Be that as it may, the two saints are still remembered on their day, which is October 7.

Sergius I, the Pope

We cannot stop talking about another Sergio, because in this case he also has his saint on September 8. He was from Palermo and settled in Rome. Following the death of Pope Conon, three possible names are given that could succeed him. He had to confront both political and religious interests. Without forgetting the Emperor Justinian, who also got involved in church work. Among other things, he was against the fact that priests had to be celibate. But Sergio said that he would rather die than sign what was established by the Emperor, being arrested for this reason.

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