Meaning of Enrique

Meaning of Enrique

Enrique is a simple, traditional name, one of those of a lifetime. And the same characteristics are related to the man who wears it. This man has only one goal: to get a job that allows him to make ends meet, a partner who loves him and the minimum possible responsibilities. If you want to know personality and meaning of Enrique, keep reading:

What is the meaning of Enrique's name?

Enrique literally means "Head of the home". This can be translated as the patriarch of his home, who does not need more to achieve happiness than his own home, a place where he will feel completely comfortable.

His personality is marked by professionalism and rectitude. He says what he thinks as what, without escaping from problems. He is usually religious and likes to dress formal, without needing whims.

At work, he does not like to commit to complicated assignments or to get great responsibilities. He is a dependent person, so he likes to be a cashier or work in customer service related jobs. Rather, he likes simple things, thus avoiding that they can take a toll on his health and increase his stress levels.

Meaning of Enrique

In the loving plane, Enrique He is a person who does not doubt it twice when he has to commit himself, when he has found the partner of his life. Look for happiness and lasting loves that will help you support yourself when the worst times come. When you love someone, you really love them. He is a man who loves furiously, and who is also friends with his friends.

At the family level, Enrique considers that his circle is much more important than family responsibilities. He is not always the one who supports his family, and that does not matter to him. In addition, this man tries to instill in his parents traditional and religious values ​​so that they lead a life as less complicated as possible. It has an origin similar to that of Antonio.

What is the origin / etymology of Enrique's name?

Antonio's name has roots in Germanic languages. You can know more about its etymology in the German term Heinrich, and it means "The leader (rich) of his abode (Haim). It became very popular as it spread through different dynasties related to the nobility, so many popular classes embraced it.

His saint is July 13

There are several diminutives with this name, such as Enriquito, Quite or Enri.

It also has some feminine variations like Enriqueta, Kikea or Erica.

 Enrique in other languages

This name can be found in different ways in other languages:

  • In English it will be written Henry.
  • In Italian, the name is Enrico.
  • In French it will mean Henri.
  • In Russian, the name is Henry.
  • In German, we will write it as Henry.

Famous people by the name of Enrique

  • The great singer Enrique Iglesias.
  • The brilliant mind of systems, Enrique Dans.
  • Enrique S. Discépolo is a renowned musician and composer.
  • Enrique Pastor, councilor for youth and free time, character of LQSA.

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