Meaning of Bethlehem

Meaning of Bethlehem

With this name you are going to find a generous woman, who is really worth it and who can be trusted. This person trusts himself because of his goodness, because of how happy he is. We do not make you wait any longer, keep reading to know everything related to it meaning of Bethlehem.

With today's name you will know the generosity and worth of a person in all its essence. This name is characterized by goodness and happiness. I do not make you wait any longer, below I present the origin, the personality and the meaning of Bethlehem.

What is the meaning of the name Bethlehem?

Bethlehem means literally "The home of meat". Yes, we know that it is a somewhat strange meaning, and it is that it does not have any type of relationship with people, values, people, with the love, professional field, with the family ...

La Bethlehem personality stands out for being a cheerful and generous person. He likes to help those who have less, and he will not be able to be completely happy if he has not helped as much as he could. He is a very sociable person, but he does not like to have relationships with famous people or those who belong to the privileged nobility. She is more about being with humble, simple people. The only thing you get out of helping others is feeling better about yourself; Despite this, some people around him think he is selfish.

Meaning of Bethlehem

Belén is a person who enjoys events, parties and meetings. Whenever she can, she does the impossible to revive old friendships, it is precisely one of the main values ​​of this woman. You will only remember your friends if they really deserve it. He has a great ability to distinguish between lasting friendships, from those that are not.

In relation to the work environment, this woman is very well organized to achieve the objectives that she has set: she prepares her tasks week by week, or monthly, and thus she will not waste time thinking about everything she has to do. She is a fan of order, and we should all learn from her. However, sometimes it sins of being something superficial, although it is not the most common.

On the sentimental level, Belén has always been very independent, but she can distinguish between who is her better half, and who is not. If you have met your ideal partner, you will give yourself completely. But if not, the relationship will gradually cool down.

What is the origin / etymology of the name of Bethlehem?

This feminine name has Hebrew rootsSpecifically, its etymology is such that בית לחם, which refers to the baker's house or the meat house. At the same time, this term derives from an even older Arabic term.

His saint is December 25 (yes, the same Christmas day).

The only diminutive it has is Bely.

There is no known male variation.

Bethlehem in other languages

Although the name is very old, the truth is that there are not too many variations on it.

  • In Valencian or Catalan it will be written as Betlem.
  • In Italian, French, German or English it is written in the same way, Belén.

Famous people known by the name of Bethlehem

  • Bethlehem Wheel is an actress who would become famous for having played Lucia in Los Serrano.
  • The great writer Belen Ruiz.
  • The pop music singer, Bethlehem Arjona.
  • Bethlehem Esteban, a woman difficult to define.

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