Meaning of Barbara

Meaning of Barbara

Barbara's personality is somewhat variable: on the one hand, we are talking about a very romantic woman, with a native happiness that changes the lives of the people with whom she has contact. She is not as popular as other women, but she has something that makes her shine. Read on to find out more about the meaning of Barbara.

What is the meaning of Barbara's name?

Barbara literally means "foreign woman". Apparently, this name is related to strange phenomena in the universe. There are indications that the name is related to the society of «The Barbarians».

La Barbara's personality it is related to cordiality and romanticism. She is a woman who is careful with details, attentive and very affectionate: she will always be attentive to her partner. He does not mind receiving what he receives, since he is happy giving everything he can.

Meaning of Barbara

Yes, Barbara She is always an objective woman with the things she does. He does not let himself be carried away by whatever it is, he knows how to impose limits when we talk about the love plane. He does not tolerate infidelities: the moment he discovers them, the relationship ends. It is quite similar to what happens to the name Alicia see meaning here

At work, he does whatever it takes to improve himself every day. She is even too competitive, with traits of self-centeredness on her mind. He doesn't care who he has to leave behind to get to the top of his profession. It will just keep going. You will do what you can to reach the management positions, as they will be the only ones who can really fill you.

On the family level, Barbara will be very comfortable, and will always give everything for her loved ones. He is a person to keep friends: he likes to always have his friends close, tell funny anecdotes to amuse them and reach them. In addition, he teaches his children to compete in the world, to achieve the best results.

What is the origin / etymology of Barbara's name?

This feminine given name has Greek roots; comes from the Greek term Βαρβάρα, which can be translated as "foreign." This word is very curious, since we are talking about a Greek onomatopoeia. It was used in relation to those who did not know how to pronounce the language well.

His saint is December 4. The well-known diminutives of the name of Bárbara with «Barbarita» or «Barbi». This name has no masculine form.

What is Barbara's name in other languages?

  • In English it will be written barbara In the same way it is written in German.
  • In French it is written Beard.
  • In Russian the name is Varvara.

How many people are there with the name of Barbara?

  • The mythical singer Barbara streisand.
  • Barbara Torrijos, a very popular fashion designer
  • Barbara Palvin, a statuesque model
  • Barbara mori, a famous actress from Uruguay.

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