Meaning of Blanca

Meaning of Blanca

Blanca is a name that can automatically be associated with something pure, clean and white. It is a name of great antiquity and its origin is Germanic. Below you can find out everything about the  meaning of Blanca. On the other hand, you will be able to know its saint, variants in other languages, name days and famous people who share the same name.

What does the name Blanca mean

Blanca has the meaning of "White and shining woman". His name tends to have reference to the cleanliness and beauty that the parents of yesteryear sought for their children, since in ancient times society was characterized by a mixture between pride and superstition, since they thought that the name could influence the character of a person from the beginning. Its meaning is very similar to Jennifer meaning.

According to the Blanca's personality She is a very tender and peaceful girl. You only need to find your soulmate and a stable job to be able to achieve happiness. Almost always, the arguments that you may have with your partner can affect you a lot, so much so that your mood can change in the same way as your way of seeing things. It is important that you meet your better half soon, in this way you will avoid the need to go through unnecessary suffering that would make you lose the humility you have.

Meaning of Blanca

White She is a woman who was born to give her partner all the attention in the world in the relationship. She is endowed with an inner peace that is capable of infecting all her family and friends, and her personality will also allow her to find any childcare job. It is very common to see any Blanca as a teacher of children's children, as a pediatrician or psychologist.

White He is a person who places great value on those closest to him. Respect and discuss the least, since he thinks that life is too short to spend half arguing over trivial things. She loves the idea of ​​wanting to start a family to leave a legacy in the future when she is gone. Your family and friends will remember this name forever.

Origin / etymology of Blanca

The origin of this feminine given name is Germanic. Specifically, its emitology comes from the word Blank, with a meaning of white and bright. The name of Alba. It became very popular in the Middle Ages, by the woman Blanca G. de Navarra. On the other hand, this name is closely associated with purity with a symbolism also associated with mystical whiteness.

Blanca's saints are on August 5 and the diminutive that is used the most is Blanquita. In masculine this name does not exist.

How can you write Blanca in other languages?

  • In English and French it is written Wheat beer.
  • In German it is very common to see it as Blanka.
  • In Spanish and Valencian it is White.
  • In Italian, it is said Bianca.

What known people are there with the name Blanca?

  • Blanca Suárez, model and television actress.
  • Snow White, a princess character from Disney.
  • white rosemaryBesides being a model, she is also a singer.
  • White Padilla, it is a model.

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