Meaning of Silvia

Meaning of Silvia

An intimate name friend of nature, an origin that emerged from the jungles in Latin. It is something that says a lot about his personality, as you will see later. Today I explain all the information about the etymology and the meaning of Silvia.

What does the name Silvia mean

Silvia means "Woman who lives in the woods". It is a name that loves nature, who has lived in harmony with trees and animals.

La Silvia's personality she is very romantic and faithful, but somewhat innocent. Hence, sometimes she is deceived and it costs her to overcome it. He's pretty good at forgiving others. With his friends he tries to maintain the relationship even from a distance, especially nowadays with the ease of new technologies. Think that life without the usual friends is not the same, just as they create other proper names such as Francisco.

Meaning of Silvia

At work, it is normal to find yourself Silvia in jobs where she directly helps the most disadvantaged, such as soup kitchens, NGOs, and she can even go to remote places as a missionary. Feeling that you help those who need it most will make you feel much better, especially thinking that you are helping the world to be a little bit better. It is something that Martín is also very good at (see meaning).

Therefore, in relationships it is possible that the best name for her is Martín himself. If not, your better half will be within their profession, since if they travel Silvia You don't want to be separated, so finding love with another missionary is one of your greatest wishes.

With the family, from the age of 40 Silvia decides to go home to have children. Creating a traditional family is also one of your goals. Teach them the advantages of being honest and kind so that their legacy of helping the underprivileged continues.

Origin or etymology of Silvia

The origin of this feminine given name is in Latin. Its etymology is related to nature, with the forest and the trees of the jungle. It comes from the word Silva. It seems to me personally one of the most precious origins that can be attributed to a name.

The saints take place in November, on the 3rd. There are some diminutives like Sil, variants like Silvana and its masculine version, Silvio.

How do you spell Silvia in other languages?

There are many languages ​​in which it is written the same.

  • In English, Italian and German, it is written as in Spanish, Silvia.
  • In French you will meet Sylvie.
  • In Russian it is written Silvia.

What known people are there with the name Silvia?

  • Silvia Navarro is a well-known actress in Mexico.
  • Silvia Perez Cruz (singer)
  • Silvia Intxaurrondo (journalist)
  • Silvia Abascal (actress)

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