Meaning of Luna

Meaning of Luna

This time we are going to tell you about a wonderful name, one of the stars that we can see almost every night. It oscillates around the earth and encourages us; It has inspired many authors and makes the nights more magical. Here we are going to study the meaning of Moon and all the keys to his personality.

What is the meaning of Luna's name?

The name Luna can be translated as "Woman who shines like the lunar satellite". The woman who bears this name is completely related to the star.

In relation to the Luna's personalityShe is a woman who does the impossible to achieve her dream future, even stepping on some places that others would not dare (this is the main reason for her success). He does not care that there are topics that are labeled as taboo. In the event that an opportunity presents itself, you will not miss it. In addition, you have all the knowledge and skills to achieve what you set out to do.

The problem with having this personality is that Luna you may meet very important enemies in your life. He is usually in very competitive worlds where only the best win. However, it is convenient to distinguish well who are our friends and who can harm you.

Of course, this type of personality can lead to Luna a series of enemies throughout life. He often immerses himself in worlds where there is a lot of competition and only the best win. However, he knows very well who are the friends of this name, and who will try to harm him.

In relation to his friendships, the truth is that he has a hard time showing people that he appreciates with his gestures; He is not a person who can be classified as a retailer, but he will be there at all times. It serves as protection for your loved ones and does not expect anything in return from them. He likes to show his emotions, but with his eyes he says it all. In relation to your love life, you need someone with a character similar to yours, who dares with everything that is to come.

At the family level, Luna she is a woman who is missing the details; think more about finding new challenges than educating your children. This can cause you to have a few problems over time.

What is the origin or etymology of the name Luna?

The origin of Luna's name has Latin roots. The truth is that not much information is known about this name; If something occurs to you, you can contribute.

The Saint of the moon is August 15. There is a diminutive that shows closeness to the person who has this name, like Lunita. There are no male forms.

Luna's name in other languages

There are some important variations of this name in relation to the language we are talking about:

  • In English it will be written Moon.
  • In German, the name will be Moon.
  • In Portuguese it is written Lua.
  • In Catalan, the way to write it is Moon.
  • In Basque or Euskera, the name is llargi.

Famous by the name of Laura

Although it is not too frequent, the truth is that there are many people who are called like this:

  • Maya Moon she is a very famous actress.
  • Luna Rodríguez specializes in music.
  • Zacharias Moon is another woman who dedicates the interpretation.

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