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Religious names are the most common; This has its reason for being, since the great majority of the names have Hebrew or Greek roots, and have appeared on occasion throughout the chapters of the Bible. And it is what happens with this name. We reveal everything you need to know about him meaning of the name Ian.

What is the meaning of Ian's name?

This name can be translated as "faithful follower of God."

What is the origin or etymology of Ian?

El Ian origin derives from another well-known name, Juan, which has its roots in Hebrew and its etymology is יוחנן. Throughout the ages, this name was translated into other languages ​​such as Greek. It even led to the variety of female names, Juana. It has a very long history with deep-rooted religious roots.


 Ian in other languages

Taking into account the long history of the name, it has led to different conditions, such as the following:

  • In Spanish we will find the name of Juan, and and with the variation of the woman's name, Juana.
  • In English we will meet John.
  • In French it will be written Jeans.
  • In Italian write John.
  • Ivan is the way to write it in Russian.
  • From Germany is written Johann.

Known people by the name of Ian

There are many famous people who have achieved fame and who have this popular name, even they did not even have it by birth, but opted for it as a stage name:

  • The popular singer, with name Ian Gillan.
  • The popular movie actor Ian Somerhalder.
  • In the cinema another well-known character, but in this case he is a director: Ian Fleming.

How is Ian?

La Ian's personality it is always united with God's directives. He is a person who has faith and believes in religion, usually he is a Catholic. He does not like lies and blindly trusts others, although on more than one occasion he is disappointed.

At work level, Ian He is a man who does not have as many gifts as other individuals. He has virtues, he is versatile and he can take on any job he sets out to do, but he has to have a certain passion for it. You like to work well in a team and if you are presented with a complex challenge, you will always have an idea that allows you to find a solution. Usually their peers are satisfied and they can become very good friends.

In terms of love, Ian is a very lucky man: he tends to be liked by the most faithful and loving women, those who want to have a serious relationship. It doesn't take long for women to fall in love because of his perseverance, his passion for work, his sincerity and his romantic way of being. He does not usually fall into the routine and is always usually attentive with his partner.

At work, you will find that Ian has qualities that other people do not have. It is virtuous and versatile, so you can dedicate yourself to whatever you set your mind to, as long as you feel passion. He works very well in a team and if a challenge is difficult for him, he will contribute ideas that allow him to solve it. His colleagues are satisfied with him and some become good friends.

At a family level, he is a very sincere person who tries to make his children know religion, so that they can decide if they want to be followers or not, but he will never force anyone to do anything. He likes to teach all the knowledge that he has assimilated in his life to others, and there will always be a plate on the table for those who need it.

This is all you need to know about him meaning of the name Ian, you can also take a look at the section on names that start with I.

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