Meaning of Valentina

Meaning of Valentina

Valentina is often familiar to us because it is related to Valentine's Day. It is the feminine variant of this great man. Find out what's special and some details about it Meaning of the name Valentina.

What is the meaning of the name Valentina?

El meaning of this name it is related to health, since it can be translated as "vigorous", or courageous.

What is the origin or etymology of Valentina?

This name has Latin roots, its etymology derives from the word Valens. At this point we want to highlight the Christian name day, since there is a detail that may be of interest to you. As you already know, February 14 is Valentine's Day, the famous Valentine's Day.

Valentine is the patron saint of lovers. Now, delving a little deeper into the reality of this pattern, we realize that many experts differ that this is really the case: it seems that Valentine's Day would be nothing more than the fruit of a coincidence with one more party. ancient, the gana, which was carried out to honor love.

Regarding its etymology, the name is related to that of Valeria.

 Valentina in other languages

Unlike Valentina, Valentina's name has not changed much:

  • In English, you will come across the name of Valentine.
  • In French it will be written in the same way as in Spanish.

Famous known by the name of Valentina

In Spain we meet some famous women who have achieved fame with this name:

  • The known Valentina Account.
  • valentina car, a writer from whom we invite you to read her works.
  • Another very popular actress Valentina cervi.

How is Valentina?

Valentina is a woman who cannot be still, characterized by her vitality, her energy and her optimism. She radiates an aura of happiness that infects anyone she meets.

If you are lucky enough to meet a Valentina, you will know that she is very popular in her job. He will provide all the energy that the team needs to face those most complicated situations. Their work is stressful for the vast majority of mortals, but for it it is very long-lasting.

He likes to help others very much, so it is quite common for him to dedicate himself to the field of health: it can be a high position or a doctor.

At the family level, you will not mind having several children, since you can take care of all of them without your health being impaired by it. Keep in mind that the meaning of Valentina's name it is related to vigor and maximum health. You can take care of work, your children, even housework without any problem. She is also an excellent cook and a perfectionist of all details.

On the love plane, she will do everything possible to find her better half. Sometimes you may go too fast, and this may support your partner. However, the moment he finds his ideal partner, he will be able to show them all his affection and affection. This energy can make you appear impulsive, want to become the center of attention, but it is not.

In this article you have been able to know everything in relation to the Meaning of the name Valentina . You can also take a look at this list of names beginning with V.

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