Meaning of Luis

Meaning of Luis

Luis is a name that has a history that is quite rich in nuances, directly related to religion and culture. If you want to know more about the name, keep reading the information in this article about the meaning of the name Luis.

What is the meaning of the name Luis?

The meaning of the name Luis can be translated as «The enlightened one of the battle«, Alluding to the hope and courage of each person.

What is the origin and etymology of Luis?

The etymology of the name Luis has roots in the Germanic language, in fact, it comes from the concept hlodowig, from which other terms such as Clovis are descended. It has a Germanic origin, with a low-francic trajectory until reaching the derivation that we have today. The concept has also drifted towards Ludovico and Ludwig. If we divide the primitive name into two parts, on the one hand we get hlod, which means enlightened or illustrious; for another, wig which can be translated as battle or combat.

There is a detail that represents it and it is its frequency of use in France. In fact, many reigns have been characterized by this name.

Luis in other languages

  • In English you will find this name as Louis, or as Lewis.
  • In French the way to write it is Louis, in addition to its variant Ludovic.
  • In Italian it has two well-known variants: Luigi and Ludovico.
  • In German, the most common is that it is written Alois.

Famous people by the name of Luis

In general, they are men who have an intelligence above normal:

  • A very popular composer of soundtracks Ludovico Einaudi.
  • A composer that you will surely know: Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • A film director, thinker and magician who made himself known in El Hormiguero: Luis Pierdahita.
  • A very popular singerLuis Fonsi.
  • The great poet Cernuda.
  • The successful singer Louis Armstrong.

How is Luis?

Luis He is a man who likes to make himself known to others; He is charismatic and has a peculiar sense of humor. He likes people to see his appearance, so he usually takes care of the detail. In this area, its meaning is quite similar to that of the name Raúl (see meaning), or to the name Andrea (see meaning). He is also a person who likes to be well internally, meditating to reach outstanding spiritual levels and know himself much better.

These features of their behavior explain that there are many people with this name who dedicate themselves to trades related to religion and spirituality. He is also very fond of sports, but will rarely pursue it on a professional level. In the event that he does not have a religious office, he will be in charge of helping others in whatever way he can.

In relation to the love plane, and in his personal relationships, he usually gives himself a lot and stands out for being patient, waiting for him to reciprocate. You like to progressively advance in your romantic relationships. He meets a woman with whom he is fine, he will do the impossible to be by his side and not separate.

And the same thing happens at the family level and with his friends. He is the hero in any battle and does the impossible to make sure everything goes well. If you know a person called Luis, come closer and see how he protects you.

Now you know more about himmeaning of the name Luis, below you can also find other names beginning with L.

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