Meaning of Jessica

Meaning of Jessica

There are people whose personality makes anyone fall in love. It is the case of the name that we bring you today. Tenderness, simplicity, interest in society and a certain independent touch but devoted to your partner. Do not miss it, below I will tell you all the details about the origin and meaning of Jessica.

What does the name Jessica mean

Jessica means "very far-sighted woman". Like almost all the names that we have explained in this blog, it has an origin in the Hebrew language, very old, and with a religious history that you will see below.

La Jessica's personality a girl is associated with tenderness and a unique character. She has a way of being that many envy, that is, she is not perfect but her features make her a very interesting woman.

At work, it is normal to find it in the scientific field. Biotechnology is one of its strengths. Discovering how the living being works on scales that our eyes cannot witness is his passion and if he makes important discoveries, he will be improving society. In addition, he integrates very well in work teams (with the competition that exists in this sector) and improves the harmony of the ecosystem where he develops his profession.

Meaning of Jessica

As for your love life, the name Jessica is nothing independent. On the contrary, he has a very dedicated personality, he needs someone to support him, but with similar qualities, that is why sometimes it will be difficult for him to find his better half. Of course, he does not mince words to say what he thinks. The discussions are sometimes a bit abrupt but with a constructive end, never destructive. That is why their relationships are long lasting.

With the family, Jessica transmits the need to advance in science to her children. She wants to improve her quality of life and she knows that she will not always be there to achieve it. When they are children, maybe it is too much on them, so it will take some time to mature. He likes to do activities every week to learn new things.

Origin or etymology of Jessica

This feminine given name originates from Hebrew. Specifically, its etymology resides in the term Yiskah. It has a religious past precisely because it appeared in the Bible, since Yiskah was the daughter of a character named Haran. Later, its translation into English generated a variant, Jeska, which resulted in the form we know it today.

The saints take place in December, on the 17th. It has several diminutives, such as Jesi, Jessy or Sica. There is also a male variant, very rare: Jesé.

How do you spell Jessica in other languages?

There are quite a few spelling variants in other languages ​​of this name.

  • In English it is written Jessica, Jessie, and another diminutive, Jess.
  • In Italian you will meet Gessica.
  • In Russian it is written Jessica.

Who are known people with the name Jessica?

  • The model Jessica Good.
  • One of the best known actresses is Jessica Alba.
  • A model with a high reputation is Jessica Gomes.
  • A tennis player who was not very successful, Jessica Moore.
  • Another actress, Jessica Biel.

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