Meaning of Yesenia

Meaning of Yesenia

Yesenia is a very popular name that is going around the world. At the moment it is rare, but it is becoming very common in Spain, as well as in Latin American countries. If you want to know everything about it, keep reading this article in which we study in detail the Meaning of the name Yesenia.

What is the meaning of Yesenia's name?

Yesenia is a man who relates to skill and generosity. It can be translated as Kind woman. Besides this "main meaning" they also have other important meanings such as sensitivity, empathy for others and the fact of caring about their environment.

It is also related to understanding and effort to achieve the impossible, to achieve the dreams.

What is the origin or etymology of Yesenia?

The etymology of Yesenia has its origin in the Greek, it does not have Hebrew roots, as some think. There is a variant that, although it is known to be derived from the name, it is not known if it is anterior or posterior: Xenia.

 Yesenia in other languages

Being a recent name, there are not many variations in other languages, here we have some information about it:

  • In Russian, we can find this name as Yesenia.
  • In English, Portuguese, Italian and French we will write it in the same way.

Famous by the name of Yesenia

As we have already mentioned, it is not a very old name, which means that there are not many famous women who have it. This is just the only example we have found:

·Yesenia, the protagonist of a novel written in 1987 and starred Adela Noriega. It had quite an impact in Latin America, except in Spain.

What is Yesenia like?

Yesenia is characterized by being a very nice person. She is kind and generous, and she always wears a smile on her face. She used to make a lot of friends, since she likes to see the world.

In relation to the work environment, it is normal that you see how to succeed in any job that she carries out, since she is a great professional who does the impossible so that everything goes well for her. He likes to satisfy his colleagues by giving revolutionary ideas. And it is that, name Yesenia It is considered a successful name. In the event that something is proposed, it will do the impossible to get it, whatever it takes to work. And this will not affect your personal relationships. In this case, it is very similar to the name of Uriel.

She is a person who stands out for having a beautiful nature and for being friends with her friends. This makes him attract many men, even many women, making them fall in love cynically even realizing it. I also usually look for a person who is at his height, who has a similar character, hobbies to share and, in general, with whom to enjoy his life.

He likes to think, investigate and discover new worlds and cultures, to enrich his mind.

Now you know everything about him Meaning of the name Yesenia. If you have been wanting more, you can also take a look at others names that start with the letter Y.

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