Meaning of Natalia

Meaning of Natalia

There are some names that she is not used as much as before. Others who have been gaining fame and those names that have been in society for many decades. This is the case of the name we are studying on this occasion; it is one of the most common among women. Read on to know everything about him meaning of Natalia.

What is the meaning of Natalia's name?

Natalia is a name closely related to religion, since it can be translated as "The day Jesus Christ was born." And this means that it involves a certain responsibility.

La Natalia's personality it is related to ambition, albeit with a healthy ambition. He likes adventures, nature and always doing something different. He also knows how to relate to the environment and create a symbiotic relationship with those around him.

At the work level, he takes advantage of all his gifts to go up seats until he reaches clearly paid positions. This woman is ambitious, but generous at the same time (although it may seem somewhat contradictory). And it is precisely for this reason, why sometimes you may have some other conflict of interest.

Natalia is a woman who has the gifts to dedicate herself to the commercial sector. The reason for this is that he knows how to socialize and be liked by others, thus achieving the expected results. In the event that you do not get them, he will start to investigate other ways to increase performance.

On the love plane, this woman is related to passion in specific moments. Natalia She is not a woman of compromise. She is adventurous, she likes active relationships. Although you don't want to cause your partner any harm, you don't always succeed. It will reach full maturity in the mid-30s.

As for her circle of friends, Natalia is a fairly independent woman. It has a personality quite similar to that of Iker o MaríaThey stand out for being affectionate, but also for needing someone to be on top of them from time to time.

What is the origin or etymology of Natalia's name?

This name has Latin roots. Its etymology is related to the term of: «Natalis dies». The translation exalt is that of "Christ and his birthday", or as we have said before, "The day that Christ was born."

 Natalia in other languages

In addition to Spanish, we can find this name in other languages:

  • In English, we will know it as Natalie.
  • In Italian it will be written as natalie.
  • In France, we may find her under the name of Natalie.

Known people by the name of Natalia

There are many women who have become famous with the name Natalia, and here we present the four most outstanding ones:

  • Natalie Portman. An intellectual actress who won an Intel award.
  • Another named actress Natalie Valverde.
  • A French writer: Nathalie Sarraute.
  • In Spain we have the actressNatalia Millan. He is also dedicated to singing.

The most common diminutive of birth is Nati.

We hope that this article in which we have discussed the meaning of Natalia has been of your interest. You can also keep reading to know more name meanings or that you go through the section of names with letter N.

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