Meaning of Camila

Meaning of Camila

It may not be one of the most chosen by mothers today, but its mystical and religious origin, as well as its history, is really precious. Today we talk about the personality and the meaning of the name Camila.

What does the name Camila mean

The meaning of this name is quite related to religion, since it means «Woman standing in front of God", But he is also credited with the explanation of" Woman who sacrifices herself for others. " This could be associated with a kindness that will make you go to heaven thanks to your actions with others.

Its origin or etymology

Camila's origin dates back to the Latin languageand name Yesenia. It has a curious history, and it is that in ancient Rome, the masculine name of this name, Camilo, was given to those children who were not born as slaves, and whose parents wanted them to be priests in the future.

How do you spell Camila in other languages?

This name has not received many variations in other languages ​​throughout history. Here we leave you the most common:

  • In English you will know her as Camilla , just like in Italian.
  • In French and German you will know her as Camille.

What known people are there with this name?

Be on the lookout for different famous people who go by this first name.

  • The well-known Duchess of Rothesay is actually called Camila parker.
  • There is a film of Argentine origin that acquires the same title, the same happens with a music band.
  • You probably know an actress named Camila Bordonaba.

What is Camila's personality like?

La Camila's personality it is associated with discipline and the balance of good. He usually has some claustrophobia in very small rooms, although he knows how to control himself and does not express this feeling. In the same way, she feels somewhat overwhelmed when there are a lot of crowds, or concentrations of people somewhere. In this case, it is more difficult for him to control himself and sometimes he becomes a bit harassed.

Instead, yes Camila is a nun or ecclesiastical woman who lives in a convent, feels in harmony and at peace with her God. This happens to him because he constantly meditates and gains a maturity that he would not have otherwise.

Regarding love life, needs to feel loved by the closest people to your life, whether physical or spiritual. His source of energy is the love of his family and friends. Camila loves being with them, especially with her partner and with her family. Because of her personality, the best thing for her is to enjoy a meal together every Sunday, and have tea telling everyone's experiences of the week.

At work, the Camila's name It designates him to invest his time in social actions that help the most disadvantaged, always in line with his religion. You won't get rich, but you do good for others.

We hope this article on personality and meaning of the name Camila. But this is not all, then we recommend that you visit the names that start with C.

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