Meaning of Andrés

Meaning of Andrés

It is common to find names of Greek or religious origin. Many come from that time and have evolved to the way we know them today. In this article we talk about the etymology and the meaning of the name Andrés.

What does the name Andrés mean

The meaning of this name is "The virile or brave man."

Its origin or etymology

Like most names we know today, the Andres origin It is found in the Greek, specifically it comes from the word ανήρ. Its etymology is curious. The root ner, of European-Indian origin, means strong man, hence its meaning. Its feminine variant is Andrea.

How do you spell Andrés in other languages?

It is a name with many variations, many of them very beautiful.

  • In English you will know him as Andrew.
  • In German you will run into Andreas.
  • In Italian it is written Andrea.
  • In French it is written Andre.

What known people are there with this name?

There are many iconic or famous figures who acquired this name at birth.

  • Andre Agassi he was one of the most important tennis players in history.
  • Andres Iniesta He is a footballer for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team.
  • Andrea seppi is another great tennis player.
  • The former president of Coombia is called Andres Pastrana.
  • Featured Poet for Readers: Andres de Jesus Maria.

How is Andrés's personality?

La Andres personality it is associated with a man with a high IQ and an elegant bearing. He likes to put theory into practice in order to get things done. He has no difficulty in relating to others and is very generous, especially with his loved ones. He is shameless, introversion is not among his qualities, it is not difficult for him to make himself known.

To put everything into practice, you need to carry out deep analysis of each moment and for this you contemplate everything that you have around you. The reason for his success in the professional field is his meticulousness, he does not like to make mistakes and all the steps he takes are correct. His analytical skills allow him to define the different situations well and, if he needs help from his team, he does not hesitate to ask for it.

As for your love life, Andrés He is a very faithful person and dedicated to his partner. Likes to give her unconventional, spiritual gifts. You don't like materialism, and you don't need a date for a day to be special. Faithfulness is part of his personality and in the same way he fully trusts in her love.

In the family, he is a great father and uncle, he likes to play with children because he thinks it is a good learning method. You will always see him stimulating their creativity so that in the future they develop innovative ideas.

This is all the information about the meaning of the name Andrés. Then I recommend that you visit the section of names that begin with the letter A.

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