Meaning of Pamela

Meaning of Pamela

In this article we are going to analyze we are going to analyze a very interesting name, especially in some areas of America. However, in Spain it is not so popular. If it is true that it has gained a lot of prominence due to Pamela Anderson.

In today's article we bring you a quite popular name in some American areas, however in Spain it is not so popular. Maybe it was because of the famous series that launched Pamela Anderson to fame. Below all the information of the meaning of the name Pamela.

What is the meaning of Pamela's name?

Pamela literally means «Sweetness and affection». For this reason, there are many parents who chose it for their daughter, with the aim that she would grow up with these values.

La Pamela's personality it is related to that of a woman who focuses on details, who seeks new ways to surprise and innovate to improve her life. However, these traits are sometimes a bit overshadowed by her biggest flaw: she's a bit vague; It is difficult for him to start new projects or do tasks that are ordered. One of his great hobbies is reading, especially adventure books, those that help him dream. He also loves politics and current information, since it is a good way to be in tune with society.

At work, it is normal to see pamela like a good entrepreneur. You are always looking to improve with new challenges, but sometimes you are so encompassing that your productivity can be dramatically reduced. There is nothing we can do to change this personality, and it is that the routine seems very boring; it doesn't take long to get overwhelmed.

In the loving plane, pamela She is not a woman who is characterized by taking the first step; in this case it is highly introverted. The truth is that it is not easy for him to look another person in the eye and tell him how much he loves him, even if it is something that beats him from the bottom of his heart. You need a man who speaks to you, who knows how to listen.

At the family level, everything will change, gradually loosening up until confidence is raised. She is affectionate with her children, perhaps excessively, since it is very difficult for them.

What is the origin / etymology of the name Pamela?

The origin of this woman's name is in Greek. It can be translated as "Sweetness and affection."

Although it is not known for sure, everything seems to indicate that this term derives from the Greek, from panmelis, while there are some who think that this name comes from panmela, which would make its meaning change drastically. There are those who think that this name was devised by a poet ...

There is a diminutive of Pamela, pamelita, although this is not very common. No male form is known.

Pamela in other languages

Pamela is spelled the same in any language: it doesn't matter if we're talking English, Italian, German, French or Norwegian. It happens like with other names, like Thiago.

Known people there are with the name Pamela

  • Pamela Anderson is a well-known model who was made famous by Los Vigilantes de la Playa.
  • Pamela Chu It is a song that we want to highlight.
  • Pamela courson she is a very popular singer
  • Pamela jiles is a reputed journalist.

Video about the meaning of Pamela

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