Meaning of Ximena

Meaning of Ximena

Some individuals dedicate a large part of their time to being supportive, to helping others when it is most needed. On a personal or professional level, Ximena is a person who collaborates in everything she can. She is generous and tender, and these two criteria shape her personality. In this article you will know everything about the meaning of Ximena.

What is the meaning of Ximena's name?

Ximena is a name that means "Woman who knows how to listen". It has its origin in Hebrew, like most first names that have a certain antiquity. However, despite what happens with the others, this one is not overly religious.

In relation to the Ximena's personality, we are talking about a loving and very kind person. He is humble and gentle with those who really deserve it. In addition, they tend to put social assistance before anything else.

Meaning of Ximena

At work level, Ximena is a person who is dedicated to science. He believes that science and nature should come together hand in hand, since it is the only way to save us. He is very fond of science, such as physics, chemistry or biology. She is a staunch defender of animals and plants. Her career ambition will lead her to run her own laboratory, and she will even receive awards for her research. He will always reserve some time to help in NGOs.

In the loving plane, Ximena She is a woman who gives everything for the person she loves. But since she is so generous, she may not reserve a lot of time for herself. She always tries to find a place for love, to find a person who loves her. If the other person is not overwhelmed, the relationship will go from strength to strength. He has a problem: he is not always clear when a relationship works and when it does not. Also, you are not able to accept a breakup.

At the family level, Ximena is a woman who gives everything a man could want. He is always aware of any health problem of his closest friends. He has an unconventional way of educating, but one that really works.

What is the Origin / etymology of Ximena's name?

This female name, according to 2 theories, has 2 possible origins: The first theory tells us that it derives from Hebrew, already discussed. The theory tells us that it would come from a masculine name, "Simeon", which means "The Man who listens." The second hypothesis affirms that the origin is in Basque. The etymology is found in the term "seme", which will be translated as "son."

There are some important variations of the name, such as Gimina or Jimina.

His saint is February 18.

The masculine form of this name is Simon.

Ximena in other languages

How is a name that is not too old, it does not matter if we refer to Spanish, Valencian, English, German, Russian or any other language, since the way of writing it is exactly the same.

Famous by the name of Ximena

There are many women who became famous by this name, such as the following:

  • The well-known DJing expert  Ximena silva.
  • A very popular actress ximena rivas.
  • Ximena Navarrete has been Miss Universe.
  • An expert from the world of music, Ximena Abarca.

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