Meaning of Monica

Meaning of Monica

In this article we are going to offer you all the data of a different man, who inspires creativity, and who has a somewhat curious attitude in the love plane. Without further ado, we reveal everything about the origin, etymology, variations and other information about the meaning of Monica.

What is the meaning of Monica's name?

Monica has the meaning of "lonely woman". Now, as you are going to see, he is not really a person who is related to loneliness; in fact, those who know it believe that it is quite the opposite.

La Monica's personality is associated with a woman who likes to socialize very much. She does not like to be alone, as the meaning we have discussed alludes to. She is an outgoing woman, likes to communicate and has a special touch of charisma that brings happiness to the people around her.

Meaning of Monica

At work, Monica is a woman who always has new ideas to improve any situation or problem. It stands out for its high creativity, as happens to Gabriel (see name), which makes you advance quickly in the professional world. He likes directing and it is something he is good at; It is organized and distributes the work efficiently. In the event that you can choose the members of your group, you will always have the best by your side.

In the loving plane, Monica She is a woman who has no problem meeting new people who can become her romantic partners. However, she is more about having friendships, which makes their relationships not last long. He throws himself into his work, being very independent in this regard

At the family level, he is somewhat independent, so he likes to trace his own path and it will not take long for him to leave home. He will look for a quiet place in which to spend his life and develop, such as a house near the sea. He will transmit all his values ​​to his children so that they can grow up with the same success.

What is the origin / etymology of Monica?

This woman's name has roots in Greek. Its etymology derives from the word Jumpsuits, which means "unique."

There are many references that support that the name comes from said term, as with the  meaning of the names, although there are also other hypotheses that assure that it comes from the word Moneo, and this means Who attracts attention.

This name was not too important at first, it was more of a nickname. As time went by, it became more popular until it would end up establishing itself as a proper name. Today it is not the most popular, but it always persists.

His saint is August 27.

As for its diminutives, the most common is that of Moni.

It has no male variations.

Monica in other languages

  • In English and Italian it will be written as Monica.
  • In French we will find it as Monique.
  • In German we write it as Monika.
  • In Valencian you will find the name of Mónica.

Famous by the name of Monica

  • The famous "Survive" singer and TV presenter Mónica Naranjo.
  • The tennis player Monica Seles whose fame dissolved before it began.
  • Actress / model Monica belluzi.
  • Many more actresses share this name.

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