Meaning of Isabel

If we talk about tenderness, love and sincerity, the name Isabel may come to mind, a name with strong personality, kind character and sweet heart, a name that, without a doubt, will leave a mark on your heart. Join me to read much more about the meaning of Isabel.

What can Isabel's name tell us?

Not only is it sweetness and kindness, the meaning of Isabel is "Health and Beauty" two great features that always accompany the lucky owner of this precious name.

His knowledge of being may be due to his etymology which is "Isis Bella" Since Isabel knows how to reconcile friendships without any effort, she can preserve and maintain them throughout her life since her strong character and her good sense are other traits that always accompany her.

It is very easy to catch your free spirit and her happiness if we are by her side, people who know her end up joining her for life, she is a great housewife, she loves home and family so it is not surprising that we feel at home when We count on her presence. In the family environment she is a very good mother and a great companion, her partner will never feel alone or unprotected, she likes to take care of relationships and form a close-knit love circle.

At work, Isabel is very persistent and does not stop fighting until she achieves her goals, she knows very well what she wants and fights with all her strength to achieve it, she works very well as a team and her colleagues always feel comfortable and relaxed working together. his side.

Etymology or origin of Isabel.

Over the years there are many discussions about the origin of Isabel, this is because it is not possible to agree, one of the parties believes that the name of Isabel comes from "Isis" that is why "Isis bella" others however think that the name resides in Elisa or Elizabeth.

However, it is historians who place more emphasis on its history, highlighting that the best option It is that of the Egyptian Goddess, highlighting that the name comes from Latin.

This fabulous name has spread enormously thanks to Catholicism and its saints.

Affectionate or diminutive names of Isabel.

This name has received several affectionate names over the years, these being Isa, Chicha, Sabela or Is

How will we find Isabel in other languages?

  • If we speak in English or German we will find it as elizabeth, 
  • Lisa and Elizabeth if we look for it in German.
  • If we are looking for it in French it will be Buckskin.

What famous acquaintances can we find with the name of Isabel?

  • Famous for its reign and great of Spain we have Isabel the Catholic.
  • In the same way Isabel She was a princess who reigned in France.
  • Well known and with a spectacular voice the great Isabel Pantoja.

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