Meaning of Roberto

Meaning of Roberto

The name that we explain below is something special. It is not necessarily negative, you simply have to understand his personality in order to properly deal with him. In this article I reveal all the details about the origin, the etymology and the meaning of Roberto.

What does the name Roberto mean

Roberto means "Very famous man". It is associated with other explanations such as "Brilliant man" or "Glorious", all of them close to the word "success."

The personality of Roberto It is characterized by its naivety. Despite his high IQ, he easily falls into other people's networks. It is easy for someone to take advantage of him, he needs someone by his side to continually open his eyes.

Meaning of Roberto

In your work, Roberto You are prone to spending your time in areas that require only the execution of tasks or procedures already written. That is, laboratory technician, commercial telephone agent or quality controls. In all of them you only have to follow a few established steps. He does not like to think too much because he does not have a creative mind, he is smart but he misuses many of his qualities. As it happens to Enrique (see meaning of Enrique), he does not usually dedicate his efforts to work, but prefers to save them for another part of his life.

In the loving realm, Roberto he is almost a doll, as many women can take advantage of him and he will not care too much. He is affectionate and dedicated, but he is always the one who loves his partner the most, which puts him in a situation of weakness. He tolerates infidelity, because he only pretends to be happy.

At home, he is not too attentive to his children, he does not attend to their concerns at different ages, it is the mother who will take care of all of them. You do not spend enough time in this regard and in the long run it can take its toll, as you will be left alone and no one will remember your name.

Origin or etymology of Roberto

The origin of this masculine given name is Germanic. His personality says the opposite of his meaning, which I have explained above. Its popularity began to spread first through the Italian region, which was spreading to the rest of Europe.

The saints take place in September, on the 17th. Some of its diminutives could be Rober, Robert, Robertito or Berto. There is an unpopular female variant, Roberta.

How do you spell Roberto in other languages?

  • In English you will meet Robert, Bob, Robin or Robbie.
  • In German you will meet Rupert. Also to Robert.
  • In French it is written as in English or German, Robert.
  • In Italian it is written Robertino or as in Castilian, Roberto.
  • In Russian you will run into Robert.

Who are known people with the name Roberto?

  • Roberto Verino, a couturier who gave his name to a shoe brand.
  • Robert Downey Jr., a well-known American actor.
  • Roberto Carlos, a former Brazilian soccer player.
  • Roberto Merhi, F1 driver.
  • Robert de Niro, another great Hollywood actor.

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