Meaning of Javier

Meaning of Javier

Enigmatic and curious, this is the meaning and origin of Javier, a name with an etymology and a meaning that leaves no one indifferent, if have you come this far Because your name is Javier or because you know someone with this name, stay and discover a lot of wonderful things in one of our articles on the

What can Javier's name tell us?

Serious, formal, hard-working and honest, his personality is not related at all to its meaning, those who know him agree that Javier is a name that does not do justice to the enormous amount of qualities that those who possess him have.

Its meaning comes from the Basque "New house" could give us to understand that they seek to be in constant acquisition of articles or homes, but nothing is further from the truth, they are humble by nature and very conformist, perhaps if we can associate it with the fact that they like to dedicate themselves to construction, be it buildings, works of art or even any manual work, they like to use their hands, at work they are excellent workers, They give everything from minute zero and use all their abilities to do the job much better than anyone else.

In the sentimental field, the so-called Javier they like people with like-minded personalitiesThey reject risky relationships since they like things that they know for sure will turn out well for them, when he finds a partner he takes care of her and pampers her by making her his wife forever.

With their children they are protective and careful, they educate them with strong but reserved values, it is not difficult to find Javier following guidelines that even our grandparents followed.

Etymology or origin of Javier

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Javier means "new house" but there are many who believe that it can also mean "Castle" giving another meaning to its name, the truth is, that neither of them makes it arrogant or in need of attention. name as its meaning implies.

It is one of the most select names in our country and we will almost always find it accompanied by Francisco, the origin of this curious mixture comes from the Latin Franciscus Xavierus.

Affectionate appellations:

There are few names or changes that this name has undergone over the years, these being Javi or Xavi. We can find a feminine form of it: Javiera.

How will we meet Javier in other languages?

It has hardly suffered more than the variation of a couple of letters over the years and countries, here we leave you the most outstanding ones.

  • As you have already read in Spanish it is Javier.
  • If we travel to Valencia we will meet Xabier.
  • In French and German we will speak to Xavier.
  • The one that has suffered the most variations is the Italian Saber.

What celebrities received this name at birth?

There are many and from many countries that have received this fabulous name and have taken it to the top, here we show you some.

  • Xabier Sarda, Martian Chronicles would not have been the same without this fabulous journalist and presenter.
  • Javier Bardem great actor who has reached the top of Hollywood leaving the Spanish pavilion at the top
  • Javier Solana recognized politician.

We are sure that you have enjoyed the meaning of Javier, do not forget to visit our section of names beginning with J.

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