Meaning of Nicolás

Meaning of Nicolás

Being among the 30 most chosen names in the list of Spanish names we have Nicholas a name with a lot of strength and a lot of history and meaning to tell, go ahead and stay with us to discover the meaning of Nicolás.

What meaning does the name Nicolas have?

A name with such singular strength could not mean anything other than "The victory of all" reminding us of the fabulous name Victoria, which means success and triumphs achieved.

The personality of this great name is a person who cares about the well-being of others, their comfort and that they lack nothing, he is not selfish and is very helpful, so he is always worrying about each and every detail, always helping everyone who needs it and taking care of their problems, be they friends or strangers.

Labor always stand out above the rest, They do not do it consciously, but it is their character, their kindness and their dedication that make them stand out, they are people dedicated to work, who do not rest until they meet their objectives and who can aspire to achieve everything they set out to do.

They like puzzles or puzzles, That is why it is common to find plumbers or an electrician, but if they apply they can become great engineers, they work fabulously in a team so it is common to have one in our work environment.

His love life will always be very happy since Nicolás always delivers the 2005 of what he receives, he does not expect to receive the same and is very conformist, falls in love easily  And their relationships always go well, so they find the love of their life very easily, in the same way, if they do not find the right person, it may end in a breakup since sometimes they can be too cloying and overwhelm or overwhelm them too much. the other person.

They are great parents, so they know how to bring it to perfection in the family environment, they adore everything they need for their children without allowing them to not have everything they may need.

Where does the name Nicolás come from?

Thanks to the Greek term Niké-laos we can enjoy this fabulous name today, this term means "Victory" and "people" when the soldiers returned home and had male offspring they gave them this name in honor of their battles, symbolizing everything what the battle had represented, passion for a victory achieved and dishonor for defeat.

As for her feminine name we have Nicolasa, and her abbreviations or diminutives Nico, Nick and Nicky.

Nicolás in other languages

This fabulous name has had many variations throughout the world.

  • In English we find Nicholas o Nick.
  • In German we have Nikolaus.
  • In French we can write Nicolas.
  • In Italian we will greet Nicola.

What famous people do we meet with the name of Nicolás?

Many are the lucky ones who received this name and became famous.

  • Nikola Tesla Great inventor of the XNUMXth century
  • Nicolas Cage Great actor of our times.
  • Nicolas Sarkozy Recognized former president of France
  • Nicolaus Copernicus wonderful scientist who developed the heliocentric model.

If you have enjoyed the name of Nicolás, we encourage you to know all the names beginning with N.

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