Nicole meaning

Nicole meaning

Here we have a female name that is used throughout the world. It is characterized by being written in the same way in different languages, and comes from its variant in French. Without further ado, we study the Nicole's meaning.

What is the meaning of Nicole's name?

Nicole can be translated as "Victory for all". This etymology is quite curious, and it is that it derives from the term "Nike" directly from the Greek. This word will sound familiar to you, since it comes from one of the most important sports brands.

Speaking now of the personality of this name, we have a somewhat self-centered woman, who thinks that the world revolves around her. This makes her live surrounded by an aura that not all women have. It draws attention both for its inner beauty and for its outer beauty. He is a person the world wants to meet.

At work level, Nicole is a person who loves the world of stylists, cosmetics, makeup products, and beauty. For this reason, it is common for him to work as a stylist, beautician, hairdresser or high stading model, he could even create his own firm. He specializes in the design of new styles, being one of his main hobbies. Therefore, it is common to see her creating new clothes, and these garments will generate a trend among her closest circles. He is able to see beyond what is in his nose.

On the love plane, Nicole is a woman who will look for someone who loves her completely, who dedicates all the time she has to her. Details are very important to her, since only then will she start with her personal relationships and continue to prolong them. At the same time, she will reciprocate by returning all the passion and affectionate gestures.

At the family level, he would like everything to flow according to the discipline of "Feng Shui." She would like to create an environment conducive to her home, create a close relationship with her descendants and that they turn to her whenever they have doubts, they want to express their wishes or their fears. He likes to give advice for others to grow.

What is the Origin or etymology of Nicole's name?

This woman's proper name has its roots in Greek. The etymology comes from the word Nike, and its meaning is "Victory for all." Another interesting point to keep in mind is that this feminine name was formed through the other name Nicholas.

Nicole's saint is on November 6.

In relation to their diminutives, they denote affection, trust and closeness: Nico and Nic

Nicole in other languages

Now, as with many names on this website of Meaning of Names, Nicole's name does not have a variant in other languages. It is written in the same way in all languages. This is because it is a fairly recent name.

Famous by the name Nicole

There are many women named Nicole, such as the following:

  • Nicole Anderson is a well known actress.
  • Another popular Hollywood actress is Nicole Kidman.
  • The pop singer, Nicole hohloch of German origin.

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  1. All my life I will want to meet the girls named Nicole, especially one, I would give my all to get to know her once and for all, just to observe me and then draw the right conclusions from my way of being, my nikki as I call her She is selfish because she does not let him meet her, I promised that I would wait for her all my life, and she does not care, I just want to love her not so much more!


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