Meaning of Hugo

Meaning of Hugo

Hugo's name is very charismatic; refers to an individual with a calm personality, although a worker in any case. He is also a reserved, attentive man who can become very important overnight. If you want to know more about the meaning of Hugo, we invite you to continue reading:

What is the meaning of Hugo's name?

Hugo literally means "intelligent and insightful man". In fact, according to tradition, this name was given to boys because it was believed that they would grow up with a bright and successful mind.

In relation to the Hugo's way of being, is characterized by being calm, somewhat passive, hard-working and constant. He is not a man who seeks chance, but prefers to achieve things with his hands, with his daily work, since only in this way will he achieve the satisfaction he will need to feel fulfilled.

Meaning of Hugo

On a professional level, Hugo He is a man who prefers to lock them seated, as it can be in an office. He concentrates a lot during the workday, just enough, thus raising the performance to the maximum. He has some social difficulties in creating relationships with his peers: we could say that he is somewhat introverted, like Gustavo (see meaning). For this reason, he prefers to isolate himself when it comes to work.

On the sentimental level, Hugo It is also difficult for him to create relationships, and that is because he is not overly trusting. You fear betrayal, that your partner will betray you, so you will need some time to create a relationship of trust. He will not tolerate any infidelity, since, for him, fidelity is something very important in any relationship.

At a family level, Hugo He is very independent, so he will take any opportunity to leave home and not feel trapped.

What is the origin / etymology of Hugo?

The origin of this male name has roots in Germanic languages. Specifically, the etymology comes from the term Hug, which can be translated as "insightful man."

The saint is on April 1. These are the names that best match Hugo: Antonio, Victor, Daniel or Alberto.

Discover Hugo's name in different

There are many ways to find this name; If you don't like Hugo's name as such, you can try the variations that we propose:

  • In the English language, the name is Hugh.
  • In Spanish and German it will be written the same: Hugo.
  • You also have the variation in Italian Ugo.
  • In French, the name is Hugues.
  • And if you want something more elaborate, then you will have to go to Turkish, with Hugo.

Popular celebrities by the name of Hugo

  • Hugh Grant is a renowned Hollywood actor.
  • Victor Hugo, poet.
  • Hugo Boss, a fashion designer so popular that the brand bears its own name.
  • Hugo Chávez he was the president of Venezuela.
  • Hugo Silva is a Spanish actor who became very popular in the series "Los Hombres de Paco"

Now you know the meaning and reason for Hugo's name, if you want to know other similar ones, you can take a look at the names beginning with H.


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