Meaning of Esther or Esther

Meaning of Esther or Esther

It is an adorable and friendly name. His personality is based on the simple things. What Esther likes the most is the same as what anyone in the world would like, but at work she will always be ahead in a sector outside the established. Keep reading if you want to know all the characteristics and details, as well as where it originated and what is the meaning of the name Esther.

What is the meaning of the name Esther

The name Esther means "The Shining Woman or the Star Woman"This means that you will be successful in life, since a star is high in the sky, where only those with great talent can reach them.

The type of personality that Esther has It is what a woman who only seeks simplicity in her life would have, that you do not need great things to have a happy and full life. She is conformism, she will only look for a man who gives the love she deserves and to have a job where she can have such a good time that it seems like a simple hobby.

In jobs, Esther He tries to be a very expressive person, what he likes the most is being able to show everyone his emotions. That is why it is very likely that you are among the jobs that have to do with the art of dance or theater, where you can completely bring out everything you feel.

Meaning of Esther

In love, Esther something independent is always found when a relationship begins. It is about a woman who will always keep her distance until she is sure that the man she has crossed paths with is really worth it, since she is afraid that somehow the relationship may fail when she has already had great illusions. . You will learn a lot about your first partner, as you will understand how affection and love work within a loving relationship. He thinks that the first love will be forever, so maybe if the relationship ends, he will continue to love him for life, since he thinks that perfection will be found in the first love.

In the family, Esther or also Ester She is not going to have a very close relationship with her parents, as her work will keep her busy all over the world. In the friendship, friendships that are quite good will arise but that will last for a short time.

Origin / Etymology of Esther or Esther

The origin of Esther or Esther is Hebrew, from this language practically most of the names come and almost all of them have a religious touch. In the case of Esther, we have to know that its meaning has to do with the stars, therefore here we have a mention in the Bible, where it appears practically from the beginning. Some people associate the name Esther or Esther with an ancient god called Isthar.

Esther's saint is May 24. On the other hand, we should know that there are some diminutives like Esthercita or Esthy, as well as the name Ester. In masculine this name does not exist.


How can we write Esther or Esther in any other language?

  • In the Spanish language we can write it Esther or Esther.
  • In English, German and French it is written Esther.
  • On the other hand, in Italian it is more common Ester.
  • In Russian we can write it Efir.

Are there people known by the name Esther?

  • Esther Cowboy, she is dedicated to journalism in Antena 3.
  • Esther palomera, is also a journalist.
  • Esther Arroyo placeholder imageShe is a well-known model and is also an actress on television.
  • Esther Fernández, is dedicated to interpretation and is also a painter.
  • Esther tusquets, it is about a famous writer.

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