Meaning of Lorena

Meaning of Lorena

This time you are going to meet a special name, with a woman with whom you will be happy the moment you interact. The reason for this is that his personality is special, and that you have to understand it in order to deal with it. Without further ado, we reveal everything you need to know about the meaning of Lorena.

What is the meaning of Lorena's name?

Lorena can be translated as "Native woman of Lorraine". The reason for this definition is that it is written in this way in French, although the truth is that it refers to a play on words that is of interest to us.

In relation to the Lorena's personalityThis is marked by naivety, although it is a bit self-centered. Another of the traits that most draws attention to this woman is her positivity and joy, in addition to the fact that she likes to make herself known wherever she goes.

Meaning of Lorena

In labor matters, the most common is that Lorena prefer to stand out on stage; She likes to be a TV actress, delight everyone with her voice as a singer, dedicate herself to the theater or the cinema. He likes the world of acting very much, and he would like to dedicate himself to it, that it is not just a simple hobby. However, it is very competitive, which makes it take it too seriously.

In love affairs, Lorena is somewhat possessive, in the same way that happens with Sofia. It is difficult to see this personality trait when her love meets her ... but if they begin to be intimate, she will never separate and she will want to have the other person by her side. If the other person does not accept this behavior, the relationship will gradually end.

Finally, in the family environment, Lorena likes to attract attention. Due to his personality, he sometimes leaves something aside for his children, and this can cause some serious problems with his family, especially with the passage of time.

What is the origin / etymology of the name Lorena?

This feminine given name has its origin in the French language. As we have already discussed, the meaning is "Lorraine's Woman."

It even has a very special day, and it is that in 1992 it was found that the frequency of this name was so high that it had broken a whole record.

His saint is May 2.

As for the most common diminutives, we have Lorenita and Lore.

His male variation is Lorenzo.

Lorena in other languages

It is one of the names that has the most variations in different languages:

  • In English and French, we will find it as Lorraine.
  • In German, it will be written as Lorraine.
  • In Italian it is written loretta and also as in Castilian, Lorena.

Famous people known by the name of Lorena

There are not many women who have become famous by this name.

  • A well-known actress Lorena bernal.
  • Another female actress, Loretta Young.

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