Meaning of Adrian

Meaning of Adrian

The man's name that we analyze on this occasion is going to be very interesting to you. He is associated with a calm, carefree personality and gets along very well with all members of the household. Adrian He is a man who has great success at work because of his great leadership gifts. Without further ado, read on to find out all about the meaning of Adrián.

What is the meaning of Adrian's name?

Adrián can be translated as "The sailor man", or "The man near the sea." That is, it is related to good relationships, cordiality and synchronicity.

And it is that Adrián is a very calm person. Some believe that he is passive, but nothing further, he has completely controlled everything he does, he just does not want to rush. He takes things little by little, but his mind does not disconnect, it is still active at all times. What you do always has positive benefits for your entire environment.

Meaning of Adrian

Regarding his work, Adrián loves new technologies. For this reason, most of his jobs are related to computing, he likes to develop applications for mobile phones, or specialize in creating a video game. He likes to program and, taking into account his ability to lead, he can become a good manager specialized in this matter. If you manage to reach important positions, the company does not stop growing.

He likes to play sports, especially those in which he uses a racket. He really likes to play tennis with his cousins; at least once a week. He also likes animals a lot and disconnects in nature.

In the loving plane, Adrián stands out for being a faithful person, unable to get angry unless given good reasons for it. He is a somewhat shy person when it comes to meeting a woman ... But, as far as he knows her, he has many details with her.

And with his family, Adrián will share his hobbies with all the members. He likes hobbies that are related to new technologies, and he wants his children to like them too.

What is the Origin / etymology of Adrián?

This masculine proper name has roots in brass. The etymology comes from the term "Hadrianus", after the renowned Hadria family.

The most popular diminutive of Adrián is Adri.

Change there is a female variant that we have studied in this blog, Adriana.

Adrián in other languages

With the passage of time, this name has been derived in many others:

  • In English and German it will be written in the same way as in Spanish, ignoring the accent, Adrian.
  • In Italian you will come across the name ofAdriano.
  • In French it will be written Adrien.

Famous people by the name of Adrián

  • Adrien Brody, is an independent and studio film actor.
  • Ferran Adria, is a chef of reputed success.
  • Adrian Gual is an artist who specializes in painting.
  • The emperor Publius Elio Adriano.

This is all you need to know about him meaning of Adrian. It would not hurt if it is also done is a look at the link names that start with A.

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